The Power of the OFFER

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The post’s credit goes to Olha Kaly

I just experienced an insane feeling, almost overwhelming, after having a business owner call you to personally thank you for getting him 6789 leads over a recent campaign we did.

All I want to say is THE OFFER is THE most important thing in your FB ad.

Sure there are 8 other important elements to the ad, but it all came down to the offer.

The business owner owns an acting school that just opened. But the problem is that there are 46 acting schools here in the city. How do you stand out?

We couldn’t offer a free class, as actors don’t want classes, actors want roles! In movies. (60% of actors think they are better or equal to Meryl Streep btw)

But any smart actor knows that the only way to get auditions for said roles is by networking with agents, managers, producers and directors.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because RESEARCH wins.

You HAVE to research. No matter what. Before you split test your best two offers/lead magnets, you HAVE TO RESEARCH.

What do they want the most? This comes down to complex psychology.

Some customers think they want something, but they really want something else. Your job is to figure out exactly what this something else is. What will make them go insane and at the blink of an eye, opt in to your funnel because they will feel stupid not doing so.

It is a guilt card. Your free offer has to be so damn good, they feel guilty passing over it.

So what was our lead magnet?

A free trip to Cannes Film Festival with access to Red Carpet Screenings/Press Conferences, Networking Events & Cocktail Parties

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This is the CREME DE LA CREME.

A chance to meet Spielberg himself, Del Toro and the top managers, producers and agents. Aside from the networking aspect, it is a life experience to attend Cannes Film Festival. But that was just my opinion. So like any good marketer you split test.

We tested 16 offers. All juicy amazing offers of things they want. Like new headshots, a private meeting with a top agent in NYC, a class with an Ivy League Professor, a well paid role in an indie film, etc. My instinct was right. The Cannes trip would win and it did. In our split tests, it was getting the most attention, optins, shares, engagements and even word of mouth.

And here are some statistics for you:

94% of consumers trust recommendations from friends above ALL other forms of advertising. (Nielsen 2016)

82% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family. (Nielsen 2017)

26% is the increase of average lifetime value of referred customers than customers acquired via other channels. (Wharton School of Business 2017)

Simply put, your offer must also be so damn good, it creates an automatic word of mouth cycle. However this isn’t luck. You have to create the magic.

I created something I call the Viral Magnet to our Cannes giveaway.

What is a Viral Magnet?

It’s something that the biggest companies in today’s market use.

I’ll name two. Uber and Dropbox.

For Uber the Viral Magnets are:

Share with a friend and receive a $5 dollar credit

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Share with a friend and receive a free ride

For DropBox its:

Share with a friend and receive 2 extra gigs of storage. Refer another friend and get 2 more gigs.

What do you think we did?

We also split tested the Viral Magnet!

It was between: 1) Share with a friend and access our free video secret masterclass, “A Guide to Networking for Actors at Cannes Film Festival”


2) Share with a friend and book an audition slot for (insert indie film here).

This Viral Magnet came close, (56% vs 44%) but ultimately the video masterclass won. It was something they could use right away and it was of value. Because people are impatient.

YOUR audience is also impatient, therefore it is important to also split test this viral magnet, so that it can spread like wild fire, deliver value and get them excited.

As I mentioned, no other form of marketing is more powerful than word of mouth. What happens when you combine a facebook ad with a great offer WITH a viral magnet, with people also sharing on their own?


But how do you double your facebook ad investment without spending additional money on ad spend?


You see, the magic is getting people to SHARE your post, page, brand or offer on their own, but how do you do that without a bride?

Simple. You deploy compassion.

Every time you get a comment on your ad or page, you engage with the commenter/person that hit “like” on a higher human level than a simple bullshit reply. It’s not about replying or liking the comment. It’s about customer relationships. NOT customer service.

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No other company will interact at this high of a human plane and deploy soul, so you have the leverage.

You go to their profile, (as many people that are liking your ad/post/brand) and stalk them. Learn about them. Understand their life and likes.

On their Facebook profile do they like baseball? Bruno Mars? A broadway show?

Spend $20 on one of them. For example, an actress liked our ad and commented. We sent her a $20 Broadway Ticket.

Suddenly that person experiences overwhelming emotion, shock and gratitude and wants to thank you personally on their Instagram and Facebook.

In 1996 if we did something nice for someone, they would tell someone else. And we would get great and honest referrals.

Now it’s 2018, you can scale LOVE and Compassion by 1000 times more.

In 1996, that person would tell two or four people max.

In 2018, this person will put a photo of her Broadway tickets and a photo of her sitting in the audience before the show on their Instagram and Facebook, personally thanking you and making a shout out to your brand. Suddenly, that’s a total of 137 likes, 800 views and 2600 reach on their posts.

For a mere $20 bucks.

Remember how I said 94% of consumers trust recommendations from friends above ALL other forms of advertising? Suddenly, all those warm people that liked her post are warm leads that will jump on your page, and find your lead magnet. Without having spent money on ad spend.

They find:

A trip to Cannes Film Festival with access to Red Carpet Screenings and Press Conferences. Plus a free video if they share.

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