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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Tony Peacock, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Tony is the founder of the Video Marketing Group.

He specializes in niche relevant blogs for boosting videos, Google Maps, websites and social with niche relevant links.

I’ve personally tested his service and saw good results in a competitive niche.

One GMB shot up to #1. Please feel free to pick his brain regarding boosting GMB rankings using his methods.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the FaceBook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s success and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.


Table of Contents

What’s th video marketing landscape now?

Well that is how I started.

If you search Video SEO Expert in Google or Youtube you should see me.

How does YTube seo differ from google seo?

I think it differs a lot. Typically people searching YT are looking for how to or review type videos.

Educational etc. They want something visual as opposed to Google which is more for text based information.

This explains why Google will often block videos from certain search queries as it doesn’t consider a video to be relevant for that search query.

Is YT changing though? In my niche (animal) it seems to be all about entertainment? What arw the core components for great YT seo?

I have always found this very helpful Its a Free Video SEO Cheat Sheet.

Youtube is always changing and understanding those changes helps.

Study what others are doing in your niche.

Try and identify their successful actions then put your own spin on it.

How could you include entertainment in with what you do?

We have a GMB listing which is p3 with strong citations, lots of geo-specific content on the site, decent link profile. Can’t seem to move it higher though – can you recommend some paid services or quick tips to push it up?

Well I do provide a few services for boosting Maps listings.

You also want to make sure your on page is well optimized and in sink with your url.

You might want to check out the case study I did

How is important are videos for e-commerce sites? And do you see them ranking well?

I think videos are key.

Typically an ecommerce site is more or less a shopping cart and has very little data to help with ranking.

Think of videos like a fishing net and your videos are the solutions to their problems.

You cast your net out. Each video covering a particular pain point and then linking to the correct page on your site.

As you power up the videos it also passes juice and authority to your site.

But the video helps sell the product so that when they get to your site they are already warm and ready to buy.

Types of videos that ranks well? Animation, news type, pictures or real life footage types.

Live footage is best. Real videos.

Occasionally dropping in keywords and semantically related keywords.

YT is the master of detecting copyright audio content. They know what is being said in that video.

I am sure they are scanning frames to understand visually what the video is about.

1. I have great Animation video about my personal training service. But I’m lost on what to do with it. a) website / ppl say videos are sometimes not good for UX and can slow down website (60sec long vid). b) Facebook ad c) but it on YouTube. Which is best for getting traffic and views? 2. VIDEOS you mentioned you should really be behind the video. But what happens if it’s just not your thing. What options do you have with doing videos when you don’t have the time or skills. No skills… any recommendations on how to improve.

Do your own tests and try to not to listen to what others are telling you.

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Even me. Take it in and get from each person some valuable data but do your own testing.

The website doesn’t sell. The video does. The website takes orders and guides folks to the buy button.

Put the video on YT and facebook. Correctly optimize the title and description and link back to your website with the not the

Think of your video is a salesman who works 24 hours a day 7 days a week who never gets sick or takes days off.

Wouldn’t you like staff like that? Now where to put those digital salesman? Everywhere you can.

What are the best GMB updates that we should all be using?

I don’t consider myself a maps optimization expert.

I specialize in niche relevant embeds for helping to boost videos, maps etc.

I have over 3000 niches with blogs themed for each niche.

I don’t have time to study the latest updates etc. My best indicator is my clients.

I see what they are doing and I see they keep repeat ordering.

There are of course always good things to know and new features coming out.

Everyone sooner or later will learn what they are and will implement them.

But not everyone is willing to go the distance in terms of consistent link building.

This is the fundamental basic of Google. That and correct on page.

In any niche it comes down to who has the most votes – a vote being a backlink.

That is then qualified to who has the most relevant and authority links.

Most competitors will give up on the link building.

But the ones that understand continue and don’t stop and they will wijn the day in the end.

I was aging to mention the same. I feel like I don’t really give to much love to GMB. Seems like you can’t do much? Although I just found out that my google ads can now be seen by using ad extensions. But I’m new to your business and thoughts. Are you saying that doing videos is one of the quickest ways to get traffic to your GMB.

I didn’t get you were talking about the GMB.

If you are a local service provider and work from a location then yes 100% you need your GMB.

Any video should also link back to your GMB with your Name, Address and Phone (NAP) in the description.

You want to rank your GMB. But you wouldn’t try to create videos to send folks to your GMB.

That is an extra via on the line. The GMB needs to rank and create a call.

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A video is for warming them up and can link to your website and GMB and its also a great Tier 1 link as YT already has 100% domain authority.

When are you back on the Scarborough beach front next?

Not sure mate. Have been back to Perth since was there last.

Maybe at the end of the year.

For sure we should catch up and I can whip your arse on the pool table LOL

I have multiple addresses for services in my country. how do I approach for website structure? and how to get all the office in Google map pack for their perspective office locations?

Those are great questions and I am out of my depth on that question.

If you have many listings lets say in the home services niche.

Then you could have a parent site like

You would have pages optimized for each location / service.

As far as how to confirm all listings and verification, site structure you would be best to talk with someone like Earl Gardner.

Are you bullish on bitshares!


Just bought more today.

Can you please provide some tips to rank a pure global online business on GMB? There is no phone number.

That does not make sense at all. GMB is for local search, brick and mortar businesses and not for non specific location.

You need to think how your public look for solutions to their problems and which platforms they would use.

Can a video content good for Textile materials listing in GMB?

Not sure if I fully understand you.

But if the question is video linking to the GMB good for the GMB listing – Yes.

You link to the GMB for SEO.

Do you have a proven systematic way of drawing up the content for the description area of your primary videos based around your main keyword, or do you prefer to build your videos fast and therefore more randomly?

Yes I have more or less a pattern I use.

Mostly based on observation and common sense.

Looking for more leads.. Phone calls/emails… Landscape construction company. we install fake grass, pavers, home putting greens… We get a lot of business in the summer, but things really slow down this time of year. Ideas? We have everythign in place to do more installs.

Now is the time to increase promotion.

Especially with stuff like Videos and seo.

Its takes time for Google and Youtube to understand and give weight to your content.

While all your competitors are cutting back on the promotion you should be increasing it and branding.

So when the market is ready your the one they know.

No point spending money in season as you were going to get business anyway.

I would survey customers and find out what terms they typed into Google and Youtube to find you.

Make videos for those terms.

Showcase your work beofre and after.

You’re not selling landscaping or pavers.

You’re selling a future reality, how something will look, that does something for them.

What problem are they trying to solve?

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