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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Simeon LA Froid, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Simeon is a local GMB ninja. He has been doing his own research and development in SEO figuring out what exactly moves the ranking needles for GMB and organic traffic since 2014.

The reason for him being picked for PIck His Brain series is that I often see him being endorsed by members who’s used his service and thought everyone can benefit by picking his brain. If you have any questions related to GMB, please feel free to ask Simeon.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the FaceBook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s success and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.


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How can you generate fake mobile traffic to your GMBs without having to have tens of mobile phones?

We are leveraging crowd workers platform for this. There are tons out there. One to mention is amazon mechanical Turk. I know this may be seem strange.

But I have been using these crowd platforms for quiet sometime now to drive real traffic to my properties GMB , websites , YouTube videos and seen some solid results.

It’s time consuming yeah but it does the trick. Hope it helps.

What category do you use with Mecahnical Turk?

I think is web research and stuff….I am not quite sure because I do around 100s of orders a month and I let my VAs do all the laborious tasks.

I just give them standard instructions to follow. AMT is just one of those platforms , there are tons more out there.

What other ones do you use. Any that can get local by state?

I don’t do much local specific stuff. Haven’t seen major result variation. I do international traffic (US UK CANADA )

What is the best method/technique to break into the 3 pack?

There is not a single best method to be honest.

Just depends on competition most of the time.

High Comp requires
social profiles
niche links
branded searches
Med comp
usually ranks with just few of the above
low comp

We just do the citations and stacks.

A lot of factors comes into play.

Study the market well before attacking it with your GMBs and websites.

What’s the order in strongest ranking factors to least for GMB?

Here is the order

Local branding (EMDs will have its place but its the
Brands that rule always)
Foundational Links
(citations niche/general)
Social profiles
Niche relevant contextual links
Traffic (GMB and Website)

Do you provide white label GMB services?


Would love to get more info about your white label as well as services also.

Yes. Pmed.

How can there even be a ranking method when new fake companies (no reviews, no citations, etc) over take real locally branded companies that have legit seo and gmb accounts?

There is a reason why these fake GMBs outrank local brands. Google is all about satisfying the local algorithms for any GMB to rank. If you can satisfy that you will be rewarded.

The reason is ,these fake listings are operated by SEOs like you and me and they know how to satisfy the algorithm to get into pack.

If you need to outrank them , make sure your GMB and website gives maximum local relevant signals so the Rank Brain algorithm knows where to put you the maps.

What would be the first three things you would do after starting your GMB?

I would get the foundational links first ( citations and social profiles locked in) this builds instant trust. That should give us good ranking movements.

If the competition is low , this alone with my stacks service has helped us get into maps.

If the comp is high , we need to do other stuffs. Make sure the landing page is on point and optimized for Locals.

Do you ever use a contact page as the landing page from GMB? Seems like an easy place to put local signals.

I haven’t really ! In the contact page you cannot have an optimized article. Optimized article is also an essential factor.

GMB Posts- Yes or No?

Yes Yes. Been using it and recommending it for all my clients and friends. Whatever Google gives us freely , we need to make the fullest use of that. It helps.

Do you build backlinks to the provided shortlink? Or any other url of the gmb? If so how much spam can it take or are legit manual contextual links the chosen method as if it were a money site.

We use some Advanced technique in our map stacks service.

We do embeds and send links to the CID URL. We make use of buffer sites in our process to safely pass juice to our GMBs.

We don’t do much direct linking.

What is the CID URL?

It’s a unique code Google gives to your Google My Business to understand what your business is about and where it is located.

It works in correlation with the Google Rank Brain So we decided to make use of it in our service.

What is MREID?

MREID is the concept and it is applied through the CID link a GMB has.

Do you have any experience using pbns and “black hat” approaches to local seo, or do you rely on pretty straightforward approaches? What do you think the fastest way to learn local seo is these days? Do you have a blog? Do you charge hourly to clients? Per project?

I haven’t used PBNs for Locals in a while. I don’t know if my techniques are called black hat lol.

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To learn SEO effectively and fast.

I would first of all recommend this group. We have lot of members here who share their knowledge . I have learnt a lot from here to be honest.

There is also another Group called local client takeover which you can check.

Pretty much it. I don’t follow any Blog these days to learn local SEO as I mostly network with our members and discussion groups to learn it.

I don’t run a blog. I provide a specific GMB boosting service called the advanced map stacking to agency partners every month as part of their monthly GMB campaigns.

I charge monthty not hourly you really cant scale in the hourly model

I do have a agency of my own. So basically that’s it.

1) How come a GMB listing with one review (or barely any) with lower ratings, no posts/photos and barely any info ranks higher on SERP comparative to one that has regular posts, all info filled in and a heap of positive reviews? 2) Top 5 things you can do to improve GMB position in SERPs (map pack) – not including the things mentioned in 1) because they don’t seem to work! Note my niche is local business (eg: chiro in a particular suburb – so keyword is usually [profession suburb])

1) There might be several reasons. One of them is people wants to see that listing so Google has no choice but to put it there. What I mean by is that Myself and many
SEOs use traffic (real traffic) and manipulate CTRs so Google has no choice but to reward us.

Because the alogorithm favors traffic and CTR.It’s an advanced topic by itself and I can’t go over it fully here. But yes this is the concept basically.

2) My advice is always dead simple

This is what I follow for my GMBs

Stellar On page
keyword in URL
keyword in Page title
Keyword in H1
1000+ words content targeting many long tails.also use
location modifiers.
I don’t use schema.

GMB reviews works (get your brand name and long tail keywords along with your GMB category mentioned in the reviews a couple of times.

And then share the review on Social media and ask people to click on the shared URL back from Social media to your GMBs) see how your rankings climb.

Branded GMB searches (you need to be a real brand to get this) does not work for EMD. This alone can help you move up in rankings. If the com is relatively low it alone can get you in the pack

1) About CTR being favoured, we too have noticed this, but how would you get ‘manipulated’ clicks to the website – and would the process be to search for a target keyword and click through organic SERPs then browse around (so no bounce is recorded). Who executed this process, I’m presuming you’d need several different IPs and high volume of traffic – what strategy do you use for this? (I’m presuming traffic should be relevant too ie. local traffic from country/area you’re in)? Would be great to learn more. 2) with regard to a point in your point 2) – what do you mean by location modifiers can you elaborate?

1) That’s an advanced strategy and it’s beyond the scope of this thread. it’s something I can’t share publicly.

Have spent tons of money and time in framing the process.I offer it as a powerful addon as part of my map stacks service. So sorry mate.

The backend is little complex for me to type in message and also I don’t want the data revealed
in public.

2) Location modifiers – these are just your location keywords.

Example :

palm beach towing company
best towing company in palm beach fl

Best advice for getting citations indexed?


How much weight does geo tagged images have? And do you see any importance of post publishing on the gmb, and scheduling them.

I do it very differently. Many people say they use a geotagging platform that puts in the geocodes in the image meta.

But I suggest all my local clients and educate them to upload pictures of their business from their Mobile phones.

Google knows and tracks our mobile phones and knows our location.and it makes all the sense to Google if the actual business owner uploadds the photos.

So this little tactic is far more effective than adding geocodes using any programs.

And yes it is our task to convince the client and tell them how important it is to do this from their mobile phones. Gmb posts works well.

When working with service area businesses that have a home base in one city but operate their services, ex: mobile technicians, would you recommend creating GMB account for each city they operate in? How about going even further for small town within cities?

I would create GMBs for each city and rank it.

If you want to further increase your chances of getting more calls yes dig deeper and get your GMBs for each small town and rank em.

There is no limit to that.

I have a GMB in a fairly competitive nice in a city. I have done all the “ basics” but still not regularly in the three pack for the main searches. What services would you recommend to get it ranking?

Our map stacks service is visioned for that reason. Lot of times SEOs do everything and just lack some GMB power and traffic.

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Our map stacks along with PBN embeds and traffic will mostly give that extra juice you need to rank.

Infact this Alone has given map movements in some niches. So it’s good to try it out.

Is there any penalty or reason not to set up their GMB now as a service area businesses (he is a general contractor) and begin building out that profile until his physical location is ready to launch?

Yes you can. Not going to trigger any issues unless you change addresses.

For a business in a competitive niche working across a large city would you recommend having say 6 GMB listings in different suburbs all associated with the same website? Or is Google going to call spam on that?

I would play safe there. We have done 2 max in our city and connected with the same website with no trouble. Haven’t done with 6.

It’s better to have a 1-2 page child sites for those suburbs and 1 website as your main site.

What’s your favorite rank tracker for GMB?

I use serprobot.

Local falcon

Will GMBs from UK and Australia and making citations will help my SERP in these countries or is it advisable to target these countries with single GMB. Moreover the domain is .com and not or .au?

GMB is localized mate. There is no way you can have GMB in USA and rank in Uk.

Rank Brain doesn’t work like that. For organics yes you can get world wide rankings.

Are GMB posts worth doing?

Off course

For lead gen sites, is better to have one with multi locations or create a site for each location you want to target? Also please PM with more info about your services.

One site for multi locations.

How would you claim a place that was created, shall we say, slightly black hat without triggering a postcard verification. Perhaps having the domain in GSC first?

I think there are many GMB verification vendors who are doing it. Don’t know the actual process myself.

I’ve started working for a lead gen site whose main KW targets a US “state”, later on i wish to rank for major cities of that state. Can i make it happen with this site having different pages for different cities? What should be the work map for this?

Yes. That’s how most of us rank our agency sites. One site with multiple pages targeting multiple cities.

Now i treat every page like a new website.

I build

Social profiles
Guest posts
And all other stuff for each city page I am targeting.

Also if you are sound enough on on page you can do a proper Siloing and drive more power and relevance to your city pages with minimal efforts.

Make sure you structure the site very well from start. That makes the biggest difference.

Also keep in mind to name the permalink properly. These tiny details you take care of here and there can make huge difference and can speed up your rankings.

Try to brand the site.

Don’t always go for EMDs. If you can brand your site well , you can see how fast it can rank.

Branded anchors
Branded links
Branded traffic etc….

Hope it helps.

How do you sort out businesses to approach who is going to buy leads or the whole site on rent?

Once you get leads, the process becomes fairly simple. Every business needs leads to survive. You can contact the business owners and send em leads for a week to test it.

They know if the leads or real or not. Once they trust you , you can set up a deal.

Try to approach them confidently because you are selling them the most important element of their business. Real leads.

Where can we find your finding updates outside of this wonderful group?

I don’t have a personal blog to actually share with you guys my findings.

I am planning to start a group though where I will give you knowledge bombs on what works on SEO and so many amazing things like this group.

Thinking of doing it soon. But for now this is all I got.

Which tool do you recommend to manipulate CTR these days? Also, for link building apart what should we focus on the most?

Pretty much nothing has changed for organics – link building should be #1 priority – make sure to get Links from Highly Relevant web pages – CTR we use a number of methods to manipulate it and we use it in a very specific way to make it most effective.

Just couldn’t share it publicly.

Do you build links to your listing, if so, which specific URL(s) do you target of your gmb?

We do Map stacks to power up GMBs. We have all variations- shortened URL , regular URL , CID URL.

How do you build citations if the address in the GMB is hidden? Do you still use them and if so, how do they differ?

Yes we use them. We have an address that we used to verify GMB. but many of Us just hide them. We can use that in our citations.

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