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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Saravanan Ganesh, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Saravanan has been making a living doing rank and rent business model making 6-figure passive income.

He also has a nice PDF he wants to share with the community. If you have any questions related to rank and rent his style, please feel free to pick his brain.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the FaceBook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s success and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.


Table of Contents

Whilst your trying to get the domain to rank (before you rent it out) what call to action or contact number do you put on the website? I’m guessing if bounce rates are high this won’t help your ability to rank well.

I buy a number off of call fire.

I need it to build citations etc

So I am based in Bangalore. Am I better off in working with clients in the US (considering no contact is needed to sign up clients) or right here in India which offers a virgin market, though the numbers are appallingly low! What’s your sense?

Good question and thanks for the kind words .

I am not sure how it will work in India, though I do know guys who do SEO work in India .

If I were u I would just partner with someone in US who can handle the sales side of it.

Do u get more calls from your map listing? Or organic search…also do u offer coupons for better conversion rate? What kind of call to actions do you use?

More calls from maps .

Let me know if u haven’t got it yet.

Do you purchase aged domains with good TF/CF metrics (or use a scraper to find them) to create PBNs? How much effort do you put into building up the social media profiles of the accounts that you use to send SM backlinks to your site?what software do you use to automate your link/page building (or do you do it all manually) do you create youtube videos and playlists and live streams to build link juice (and what is your strategy) basically, out of all the old SEO tactics…which do you find most useful, and how in depth do you go for them?

Yes I buy aged domains .

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No I don’t put much effort into social profiles.

Just get a fiverr gig. Link manually .

I don’t do YT live stream etc

You mention that you go quite heavy on blog content for around 3 months, are you doing any deep-linking through these blog posts to push up stubborn keywords or to target additional long tails?

Not blog content, but private blog networks .

I do pbn linking after i finish citations

Can you rank well with only content writing (blogs) and on page seo? Not a fan or very familiar with backlinking.

Maybe with time you can.

But linking is an integral part of ranking i would think.

So, did you just include the phone number on existing contents that ranked, or from there, you link to a landing page with your clients numbers?

I put ph# on my rental sites

What are things that guarantee rank of a website, some Seo said backlink, some said contents. What’s your own view to those sayings and what are your suggestions?

A combination of factors . My ebook mentions the top 5 factors in my opinion

How you rank on gmb when you don’t have real location?

Various methods to do that.

Lets say it takes 8 months to get into the map pack. What if youre already getting calls prior to the 8 months you get into the map pack? How do you handle those calls? Do you already have a real business mapped to your tracking number even though its going to be slow the first 8 months?

As calls come in i call up a company and forward a few for free.

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