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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Nixon Lee, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Nixon was involved with advertising industry for 14 years and has built and sold 2 marketing agencies.

He currently runs a PR distribution called Spine Consulting.

I’ve used his service and his pricing and content are impeccable.

If you have any questions related to press release service, he is the person to talk to.

Let’s load up the thread with your questions and he’ll answer whenever he is available.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until bitcoin value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s success and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.


Table of Contents

What made you decide to start a PR distribution service?

I saw a need for it in the community.

And after testing it myself on my own sites and client sites and getting results I decided the community needed it as an alternative to always just using PBNs.

Different time zones, so I will try to answer as fast as I can

Your content is awesome! How many writers do you use?

I currently have 15 writers.

5 Full time, 10 on contract max hours 6 a day they are mostly research writers.

How do you compare your service to others like Press Cable?

Good question.

The PR industry is not as big as I thought.

Most of the big players in the industry use almost the same distribution channel. In terms of distribution we are the same.

We both use paid distribution and never free outlets.

I did not want to overcharged the community.

From a pricing stand point of view I feel we are more competitive.

Why is it so hard to get PR releases indexed?

Very good question.

Well typical these days we see indexing of the links within 24 hours of the PR getting distributed and within a couple of weeks most of the PR go get indexed.

We also run all these links via an indexer and we tested many.

Now, having said that we do notice some links not indexed and this is due to a simple fact that some news sites are riding on sharing platforms.

Also, it doesn’t really take 500 links to get ranked from our experience.

For Local SEO (dentist / property managers / realtors etc.) – What is the best way to use your services?

We love local is PR works so well with local.

You should always research your KW do on-site and then run a PR of course I can speak to you more if you wish.

Because there are a few areas we will need to consider before launching the PR.

What is your website? How do I a successful press release in Australia.

Out website is going thru a major revamp after a hack. It’s not as difficult to launch a PR as you think.

We can chat further if you like not a problem and no obligations

How do make press run with your story?

We would write the press release after some research and we have partnered with distributors to syndicate the press releases.

Coming from a person who has never done Press Releases, how do I do one? Lets say I wanted to do one for a local SEO client of mine… where do I start?

First is KW research.

Second on site optimization.

Third we will research your site and write a news worthy content for you to be distributed.

I’m already doing basic SEO like KW research and on-site. My question was more aimed at how to do a Press Release… where do you start? How do you do it?

Just send us your website and KW and we will take it from there and write your PR for you after doing our own research on your site.

Simple as that.

What is the value of your services? How can they eventually help people?

Value is different for each different person and what they want to use the PR for.

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Some use it for authority, some SERP boost, some announcement.

I had a client use my release for her book and saw sales increase so ultimately what’s your end game and strategy.

One must alwyas have a strategy before doing anything.

What crazy rankings have you seen that news sites got from your releases? Crazy traffic, etc..?

Hahaha yes there are many. We have seen site in position 80 go to 3 within 2 days.

We have just launch a PR for a client who was in 100+ to 34 and he would have gone higher if he did on site optimization which is so so important.

I have so many stories and screen shots since I am a data obsessed.

Oh and we only indexing around 60 links before he shot up.

What links do you normally recommend adding to a PR for a local business?

Great question. I know lots of articles and SEO say only use no-follow and do-follow will hurt your rankings.

I have to disagree .

From our testing of thousands of PR we discovered that having a mixed of do and no follow works best.

This is based on data and testing.

And it really pains me to see articles from reputable blogs who says otherwise or play down PR without doing enough research and testing.

So I would do a mix.

Where do the links inside the PR point to? ex website, G+ page, citation, G maps…?

Citation will be in the resources box. KW main page or internal pages is fine.

You will be shocked so many who ask me to do a PR do not include social, YT and a resource box.

Even though I ask them for it.

Having said there are some factors to consider but in general most links are to the main page.

Again based on strategy one might want it pointed to an internal page for a very specific reason due to content etc.

You said PR works great for local site? So it works less for an Affiliate site targeting many countries? From your experience what is best way to deploy your service for an Affiliate Site? And can we have a chat further on this?

Great question. It doesn’t work less for an affiliate site.

In fact it works pretty well.

Example launch jacking etc.

I seldom see a well done affiliate site unfortunately.

As an affiliate using a PR some strategy has to come in play ,again unfortunately, people don’t do that.

They think I just slap on a affiliate site put some content, links and launch a PR and I will rank.

That is never gonna happen.

There’s needs to be some thought and strategy.

I would be glad to speak with you further no worries.

Here is a scenario, for local business .the business ranks for its main keyword + city term on page 1. Now he wants to rank for few adjacent cities offering same service. And have individual pages for each city + service with decent on page in place.Can PR help in this case? I can talk to you further through PM if you think PR distribution will give benifit in serp. Niche is not so much competitive but had a bad name in SEO.


PR works well for cities based KW terms.

Knowing how to construct the PR during the writing process is essential to make it work.

We have almost got it down to a science, having said that we are constantly testing because nothing is stays the same.

Changes happen weekly when it comes to big G.

Do you find companies are suspicious of PRs, or are they quite receptive to the idea?

Companies are not suspicious of PR. Most companies know in general what a PR is for.

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But when you tell a client it’s for ranking they are generally doubtful and the only reason is they have not tested or have not done enough due diligence in KW research and On-page optimization

I work only with businesses based in the UK and Aus at the moment. For locally-based sites would you say that a US-based/focussed pr distribution is NOT going to be as effective for SEO as one that was distributed in the relevent country?

We have done for clients, in the UK, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain and even foreign sites no issues.

In fact foreign sites Rank pretty well.

Would this service be a fit for let’s say, a local Dentist or Landscaper? Could there be any negative downside to doing a PR at a scale bigger than local, and it looking unnatural to Google?

Nope totally safe. Lots of these niches use PR. vs vs any other press release offering? are there any sincerely differences other than price?


The quality of the distribution, indexing, crawling.

Don’t just go for price or you will ” PAY THE PRICE”

Some boost that the distribution is good and premium etc.

But what people don’t know is their network is bad or the company doesn’t comply to some standards.

So news sites are actually flagging them and might not even accept their distribution anymore or purge is as soon as it goes up.

Some of these are distributing PR that goes against terms and condition.

Eventually they will lose their distribution rights and close down of just give you shitty sites that will harm you more than give you any benefits.

They will use unscrupulous methods to get approved just a matter or time.

How do you index your PR links specifically?

We let it index naturally.

Using indexer software is not advisable. We look at how much is crawled rather than indexing.

The only reason I say this is because we have done thousands of PR and trying to index them all has never been a priority when it comes to SERP rankings.

And we have done the test for this.

Do you feel better with your legiit service vs running agency?

Legiit service is to serve the community and to help new and upcoming agencies.

We still run an agency and our prices are away different from Legiit because we do more at the agency level.

Have press releases as SEO factors decreased in value – and how can they be used today?

Why would you say it has decreased in terms of SEO value? I mean no disrespect.

PR is still being used by SEO professionals extensively.

We have over 200+ agencies that use the PR service we provide daily and if it did not have any SEO value they would stop, to be honest.

There’s lots of news out there that say it is not as effective as it used to be.

I would way say Listen to those who have actually tested it extensively rather than those who have not…

Which do you prefer Major or Minor Arpeggios? How do you prefer to practice them?

Both. I do not doodle when I practice.

I practice with a purpose.

So, I get as much quality practice.

Example if I learn a song. I learn that song in all keys.

Knowing the Nashville system helps.

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