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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Michael Moynahan, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Michael is an entrepreneur, growth hacker, and has been the founder three times.

He has been working on LinkedIn lead generation ever since Microsoft acquired the platform.

In addition to being hired by Adobe, Michael currently launched a cost-effective LinkedIn lead gen solution which is a breath of fresh air.

If you have any questions related to LinkedIn lead gen, please feel free to pick his brain.

If you are interested in his service, you can access his program with a special discount for this group.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the FaceBook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s successes and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.

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How would you structure a DFY LinkedIn Outreach campaign for a client so you just pass the leads over so the client can close and onboard? Doing all this while keeping it human and authentic. Sent a LinkedIn request too! P.S. Can I white-label your service?

There’s a LOT that goes into answering each of those questions!

The main takeaway though is that Zapier is your best friend if you want to create a seamless customer experience that keeps your operating expenses as low as possible.

Then you can undercut your competition, build a strong customer base and focus on build out those upsells and downsells.

Also we’re not whitelabeling just yet but it may happen down the road.

How do your lead gen methods differ from other providers?

Good question! To start, we’re less expensive by thousands.

The main way I’d say is three fold 1- low cost/low commitment 2- Messages (we don’t just use the hi (firstname) variable and then send a generic message.

That doesn’t work anymore b/c users are skeptical! 3- Who we target and why.

The key is to remove the cold intro and get the conversation started ASAP by using as many commonalities as possible.

Best tips for sales navigator?

Keep your searches around 1k max.

Anything more than that is too broad or will send a red flag to linkedin if you try and pull data from all those prospects.

Dial in your messaging to cater exactly to each of those 1k audiences.

Stay away from ‘seniority’ and ‘function’ search criteria. The results are too broad- stick with specific business titles.

Fun tip: the key is to get all those people in your 1k audience to either respond or look at you.

Then what? they see your profile headline in the search results.

Your profile headline should speak only to EACH of those targeted audiences.

Headline should always be changing.

Targeted headlines increases click throughs to your full profile, which increases sales appointments booked if you have a calendar link somewhere.

What are the popular niche is more popular on Linkedin in your experience? For example, SEOers often hangout on Twitter, so just wonder if there is some niche stand out that usually hang out on Linkedin?

Way too many recruiters on there.

And spammers from overseas.

Other than that, a ton of high quality decision makers in a ton of diff. verticals.

What is your view of LinkedIn add-on tools like Dux Soup? Is there any one tool you recommend?

I use a custom built software tool.

All the other chrome extensions for sale or free use are on LinkedIn’s list for being banned. Too risky!

The timing of this post couldn’t be better. I’ve been watching Dux Soup and Linkedin sales Navigator tutorials the past few days. And I know from experience how terrible people are at in-mail messaging. Your product intrigues me. I’m curious, what does the one-time onboarding fee include?

Agreed…people really are terrible at InMail messaging.

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70% of LI traffic is mobile.

Short sweet and to the point w/copy that focus on the customer is the key.

The one time onboarding fee applies to the Solopreneur and Growth packages (month to month).

Basically, the more you can reduce our risk by choosing more volume/run multiple accounts/longer commitment.

That gives us more predictability and we pass the benefit back to you in the form of savings.

My targets are some of the most reticent people on the planet (UK solicitors, specifically litigation lawyers). I want them to hire mediators through my company. Do you think the method will work well, even with this hard-to-engage group?

Looking forward to talking! I would need to know a little more about your business to answer that accurately.

Existing customer base, what’s unique about the offer etc.

Actually the audiences that people think are hard to reach are usually the easiest ones to convert.

Because people think they’re hard to reach so solicitation is down.

I’d suggest a month to month package to see how it goes for this audience and we can take it from there once we get the campaign dialed in.

Do you pitch during the connection request? Or pitch after you have connected? Or not pitch at all and just provide value in your posts/articles to warm them up to your business and what you’re offering?

Great question. I never pitch until the 4-5 touch point..same thing goes for paid advertising if you are buying cold traffic.

There’s a lot of casual copy and warming up with value before any ask.

That way they’ve seen we’ve put in the work to build the relationship and they feel compelled to reciprocate by getting on a call.

What’s the best automated software for the money to get qualified connections?

I don’t recommend automated software that’s for sale..LinkedIn is really going after accounts that use it.

Your best bet is to hire someone that uses software that does the same thing like connecting etc.

But isn’t making it publicly available for sale. Hope that helps!

Can you tell me a little about how your solution could help? Specifically I’d be interested in hearing about how your targeting could be an improvement over what I’ve been using.

I have some questions about your target audience and your offer before I can say whether there is a fit, so a 15 intro call would probably be best.

There’s a link in Steven’s intro that’ll get you to the calendar. Looking forward to chatting!

For tiny marketing companies like me, LI seems to have a great payoff after a year of hardwork. Compared to other forms of marketing, please list the top Pros and Cons of using LI?

Great question here. Pros: There’s not better place to generate a ton of organic free traffic (that’s actually targeted) than LinkedIn.

2- Direct access to senior B2B decision makers.

3- You don’t need ads to generate consistent leads at all Big Con: Their ad platform is improving but it still sucks.

1- You can’t retarget based on % of video views…although they show this stat as if it be a feature available down the road.

2- High CPC. Way too high.

3- You can’t launch a retargeting audience until there is a minimum of 300 visitors.

Assuming a higher CPC of $10 per click that’s $3k JUST so the re-targeting campaigns can go live. (laughs out loud)

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How is this different than the LinkedIn direct access to your network using “Sales Navigator”? I have about 2K people in my personal network. Gary Vee says the drip by drip method of active posting is best and not direct selling via PM’s. I do it on a local business scale and all of my contacts are in my city.

I never direct sell. LI is actually the easiest platform to go viral on if you know your audience and what kind of content they digest.

I believe in nurturing w/value first then asking for a micro commitment from the prospect.

While referencing all the value you’ve already delivered to build a relationship.For the future of LI, what do you think are the top 3 items they need to improve on?

It’s all ads related IMHO. Too many things they don’t have but they should, and facebook has been doing for over a decade.

An example is LinkedIn LIVE which is a new feature they’re launching for company pages.

Incredible potential there, but that should’ve been available YEARS ago.

Do you think FB will try to compete with LI? What advice would you tell Zuckerburg?

FB and LI compliment each other from a marketing standpoint.

Tons of free organic traffic in LI that you can then send to an FB pixeled page where you can then get laser targeted with all the FB data available.

I would tell Zuckerburg to decentralize and issue the FB digital currency to it’s users and retain 1-2% of the coin.

They’d probably have a higher valuation with the currency and users would actually own their data.

We can assume majority of folks reading this post work in Digital Marketing. What are your top recommendations to pros in this group, that they Must Have or improve on their LI profile?

Good question..i’d say background pictures is a common profile feature most people ignore.

They have a lot of real estate to make a compelling visual that can be cheaply outsourced.

That, and profile headlines. They should always be changing to cater to the audience you’re reaching out to.

When you show up in search results, that’s the first thing they see.

Just like an ad the key is to get them to click through to the full profile.

I have a client that is running $1000/mo for linkedin Followers – but linkedin Ads seem like such a scam… so far this month $480 spent on 14 clicks… What is going on? Any suggestions?

I run a lot of LI ads and they’re only work it if you have a big budget.

IMO the CPC is way too high and the re-targeting features aren’t good enough to justify the high cost.

I use LI to go viral w/traffic and build audiences…then use FB for ads.

At least until LI ads platform catches up to FB on features.

Any tips for LinkedIn headlines?

The best conversions.

I’ve seen are from the following format: I help [target_audience] in [specific_location] solve for [X pain point] by providing [Y solution].

How do you find your most valuable prospects on LinkedIn?

They are the ones that look just like your existing customers!

Is it possible to scale to 400k per annum with no in house staff ? With a digital agency?

Is it possible? Sure.

There are plenty of agencies that do multiple six figure contracts and are completely outsourced.