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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Leon Sheed, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Leon currently runs two successful digital marketing agencies.

He is also a sales trainer helping coaches and consultants using his own unique selling method psychology.

I’ve seen one of his sales training videos and he is not your average digital agency marketer.

I always respect people with their own style of client acquisition process.

If you’ve always wanted to pick someone’s brain on how to prospect and close clients, Leon is your man. It’s time to pick his brain.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the FaceBook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s success and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.


Do you niche down?

Heck yess!

I like to use a metaphor..

It’s like you have this big heavy duty, Off Road Buggy sha vehicle and that is your agency.

It has all the gear on it, it can race any type of race and can handle any obstacles. It’s a all rounder, right!?

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But here’s the thing… it’s as heavy AF!! Becouse of all the gear it has on it and everything it does!

It’s also bloody slow and can never win any races.

Although it still competes, it does hold it’s own, but.. never really comes first place.

You’re have enough of not winning the race in all the years of racing and decide to go speak with one of the old head engineers… (this is kinda starting to sound like the movie cars) He tells you….

You will never become a REAL champion when trying to compete in all the tracks and trying to do it all.

He then tells you to start stripping parts of your vehicle.

He strips so much you are now very light with bear little on you.

The old engineer then tells you, you now only compete in ONE specific race.

He then tells you to go out and build your own track, you do.

The new track is complete and the new vehicle looks the part with all the specific gear and congruent branding.

People see it and know EXACTLY what type of race car you are and the type of tracks you race.

Come race day….

You arrive early on time becouse.. well you own the track, all the people arrived and they already know you.

The race is about to start but there’s only one or two other competition there because the rest of the races are already on all the other race tracks.

The gun goes off…

You easily win the race becouse your vehicle is geared towards the track that you have built and the competition never stood a chance.

This is why I niche.

Are making more money on coaching or doing SEO to other business?

Dude, You know what.. I would of asked the same question.

There seems to be more people, (especially these days) selling shovels to prospectors, than actually prospecting themselves.

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My main agency is niche and is tight with procedures/ systems. So I’m not stuck in the vortex, so to speak.

To answer your question, I’m making more consistent money with my agencies, than coaching.

Although my passion is coaching, helping others and making an impact while I’m here.

I’m in the works of exiting and moving away from my agencies and more towards fulltime coaching.

In that, I will never be able to get away from marketing, it’s in my blood.

In your professional opinion, which personality type has the best closing ratio? Or does it matter?

I use to think towards extroverts.

But the best type of sales person is one that is a chameleon that can adapt to the prospects personally.

What’s your most effective method for getting new clients signed up on a monthly retainer?

I use multiple methods and avenues, that’s why I don’t have a lead problem anymore.

But one, I use that works super well and I can also automate is my “Voice Message Broadcast” method.

This get’s the prospects calling me, which helps with better positioning and is easier in moving them into the next call (sales call)

Your “voice message broadcast”. Is this something you do at scale or customize it for each prospect?

Scale, mate. I normally send this off to 50 Bizs at a time

Do you have a sample of Voice Message Broadcast?

I can show you, man?

I’ll put something together in the Digital Marketing Lions – Big Client Acquisition group.

If it’s not up in the next 3 – 4 day’s hit me up

What is your favorite platform for lead gen?

All comes down to what your target market uses or is on the most.

So let’s take LinkedIn for example, my target audience isn’t on LinkedIn, so I try and reach them there.

They are however on FB and use Email. So I hit them there.

You have to understand how they work, where they hang out, are they time poor, ect.

And if you did get their attention, what would be the best way for them to consume the content?

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How do you keep your pipeline full? What methods are usually overlooked by SEOs?

I use multible platforms and avenues. I have consistent leads because I’m not using just one channel of outreach.

I’m like a fucken swat team, I come in through the front door, the back door, the chimney.

Under the floorboards and even in the boot of the car.

It might sound a bit aggressive to some, but my message and content brings it all together.

There’s not so much “One Method” that is overlooked, it seems to me.

More of the strategy and the angle, that is not being executed effectively.

From what I see and hear most go about trying to get new clients like this..

Cold Call – Appointment – Close


Email – Phone – Close

There’s just so much missing in these strategies and is just not a normal human process.

What’s missing is the human touch, building rapport and also building trust before asking for the sale.

It’s like dating right.. Asking girls or guys to come home with you on the first date.

Unless you’re some kind of stud (which if you are you’re a lucky bastard), it’s just not going to happen and to top that.

It makes you sound needy AF and you lose all social status!

These people that are doing the above strategies are saying something like this.

“It really is a numbers game” and they have to send out 100’s if not 1000’s of emails just to get a nibble.

You mention you are niched down which is great, Do you only serve 1 country or go after USA market also? How have you found mass outreach outside your country?

In 6 countries now, mate.

US was the hardest, to he honest, but after the hard yards was done securing the 2nd.

The proof was easy to spoon feed, to the others.


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