Pick His Brain! with Ken Savage

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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Ken Savage, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Ken is an entrepreneur specializing in lead gen, rank and rent, and online marketing. He once sold one of his sites for 200K and has an interesting story behind it.

If you have any questions regarding building a lead gen business, please feel free to pick his brain.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the FaceBook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s success and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.



Any tips on getting to $1000 net profit per month as fast as possible?

Figure out what your strengths are and use that.

Mine are SEO and lead generation funnels/websites.

I’ve also done well with PR and outreach using influencers.

Build a property, create a digital product, software, course, ebook whatever.

First productize something and then use your skills to get it in front of people.

Also it’s important to think as a business offering a product.

Make an offer to people that as soon as they read it they think “WOW I have to have that”

There’s sooo many different scenarios it’s hard to give you a blueprint without knowing what you’re good at and who you’re marketing to.

What is the avarege ROI on rank and rent? and how many fails, before u got in to the money?

Rank and rent sites vary in monthly revenue once you get a clients or 2 interested.

I sell leads for as little as $800/month (invoice $200/week) and sometimes $15 per lead.

One of my largest lead gen sites was selling leads at $75/lead with a simple intake form.

I put some thought into my first business site and made a profit in about a month and a half.

Research it – Build it – Rank it – Pitch it – Invoice Them!

Do you feel there is an ideal mix of channels or tactics for more effective lead gen? Are there metrics that impact velocity of leads that we should pay more attention to? Are there any real power strategies or tactics you feel are being missed?

What works for 1 industry doesn’t always work for others.

Example: I may or may not be in the “Geo Thermal Heating space” for 1 site and I tried a bunch of marketing channels including paid ads and sponsorship.

I knew these jobs were averaging $14,000/job so I didn’t want to give up too easy.

What I found that brough in consistant leads was content marketing about “heat your home with lava” and “let mother nature heat your home for free”

Then I would send them to a blog post/inforgraphic/VSL(videos sales letter) to get them interested and ask for 1 small piece of data.

Email or cell phone to text them more info.

Then I would retarget them over 2 weeks for the lead and send that to my client.

$75 per lead for that site and I’m currently sending or forwarding 6 per week for traffic in the northeast of the US.

Velocity of leads is more or a B2B trait or for longer sales cycles.

My velocity is 0 to 100mph. LOL I redirect a phone call or get them to interact with a chatbot immediately for more info.

That’s where sales people take over and I sell the lead.

If you have 24 hours to make $5,000 as an agency or lose everything you’ve got, how would you go marketing your SEO services?

24 hours? Sounds like a dire situation.

You’re probably already screwed at that point.

Making $5k shouldn’t save you if you’re a real business.

But I can respect the question because I’ve run “turn and burn” projects too.

Productize something for your clients and prospects.

Wrap up an audit and strategy phone product into a call scheduling app and tell your clients you’re doing this for only 5 clients from now til Dec 31.

Put some urgency behind it.

Sell it for $1k and OVER deliver value to that client.

Is it better to always build out websites manually or rather utilize mass page building?

Show me a site using machine generated content that is doing well.

I’ve never seen it. I’ve tried autoblog plugins and spinners and they’ve never really worked long term.

Pay someone $100 to write a decent review or piece of content and reiterate that for a few 100 visitors to get it right.

Then move on to the next piece of content.

Always manually.

What’s your definition of over delivering value? Examples of what a new person can do to provide more value?

Someone wants 5 leads per week. I send them 10.

And I let them know how generous I’m being too because I value their business.

Prove to them you want to help them and not just profit off them.

You need to make a business 5 sales then do that and also create a follow up email for the people who didn’t buy.

Deliver it to your client and say “Use this to capture the people who didn’t buy and make you more sales without paying me more money”

Are you doing any press releases? Thoughts on doing these?

If you’re selling a pair of socks, no.

If I’m offering a new chatbot for realtors and you want to get the word out to influencers, YES.

Depends what you’re offering and NO ONE reads press release except some bloggers and press people.

And even then it’s over saturated IMO.

How long would it often take for you to turn a leadgen site from scratch to profit?

Selling just 1 lead is profitable as far as I’m concerned.

1 week to 6 months.

Depends on current competition and whether I want to run manual traffic, paid or organic.

If you had to train your wife who has no knowledge nor sales skills to dive into the lead gen business, how would you do it?

Give her the phone and email responsibilities and explain to her that every lead, every call and every email is the life of your company.

Treat everyone you deal with as if they’re you’re Mom and you want to do nothing but be the most helpful experience.

Just also be learning the voice of the prospects and learn the industry too.

What industries/niche’s work better with a rank and rent model? i.e. Who is the easiest you have found to sell the concept too?

I handle reviews for my clients as an upsell.

I’ll capture the leads info up front and then contact them in a week or so depending on the job and ask them for a review after some banter back and forth.

It’s all automated usually to start.

How to scale from 1 lead gen website to 100+?

For me, it’s all about securing a quality client up front.

I’d rather put in 10 hours a week for a month on 1 site that can make me $1k-$2500/month long term.

Throwing up a bunch of low quality sites isn’t the way to run a real business IMO

Do you care about the competitiveness when you are looking for a new niche?


I’ll weigh it whether or not I can rank quickly or it’ll require more work in return for long term business.

I sometimes call a few businesses to talk to owners and test the interest before I start.

If you’re doing 5 clients at a $1000 each, what does that involve in terms of SEO only? How many content pages per month?

It doesn’t have to be that complicated.

I rank a website to get people in that area looking for my clients services.

I direct that lead to my client and invoice them if it’s successful.

I mainly use Organic traffic but I’ve also used paid and influencer marketing to get results.

Do you have a course or a program where you teach the process of creating lead gen sites?

Not a course but I do release training every so often at https://www.localleadgame.com

Can you go over how to find an influencer for your niche? How much do they go for or do you expect to pay? What does the influencer do?

Briefly yes.

It’s a pretty complex idea but you look at the industry and location you’re in.

Who’s the big mouth in the area? Who’s popular on social media? Who has LOTS of people following them online or in person?

Strike up a conversation with them and get friendly.

Ask them how you can help them or their followers.

Offer content, speaking, webinars etc.

Once you have a decent relationship with them you can ask them if you could introduce you and your thing to their audience.

You’re relying upon their audience to get new traffic or leads to your business. Happens everyday but people don’t see it.

I’ve only offered favors or discounts. I haven’t paid outright for a mention not saying that it’s bad.

Just haven’t done it myself

How do you sell leads for a company that doesn’t have an affiliate program they just want some client and they won’t pay till they get the client in their hands I mean? How can I ensure that they’re not cheating on me?

Get paid in advance for leads.

Its up to them to close the deal, you get paid upfront.




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