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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Josh Bachynski, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

With 20+ years experience, Josh is known as the father of blackhat vs. whitehat discussion movement.

Unless you’ve been living in a monastery, he has been active in our community debunking Moz and other known Google loyalists.

He even spoke at a Ted Talks event. Please feel free to pick his brain on anything related to SEO and his scientific approach to SEO.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the FaceBook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s success and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.


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What’s the best way to predict ranking fluctuations? Should I build a test server of domains? Are there any statistical models that can be used to predict ‘we did x change’ -> ‘rankings changed xx%’. Then aggregating these to determine random ranking flux vs true data-driven SEO changes?

Given that Google controls the rate of flex I don’t see how that’s possible.

But we do have general ideas from our scientific testing of how much up or down any given change should make, and when.

Where can I learn about scientific testing for SEO changes? I’m looking to become more data-driven, have you got any websites that you’d recommend then?

When you “acquire” links for yours/clients sites what do you actually mean? Buy… do outreach for guest posts… any other tactic? I just never got the super air quotes “sarcastic” comment on acquiring links.

Buy, under very controlled parameters proven by my testing to boost your link power x3 to x5 from normal.

What’s your go-to tactic(s) for “un-stucking” a website site that’s been stagnant for months?

Do a full audit based on scientific testing results.

Make a work list.

Fix most important once first.

Check results.


Works every time.

1. How to start being an SEO in 2019. 2. How do get clients? 3. What will be the effective method for a newbie to acquire link in-terms of no or less money!

How to do SEO in 2019? Join the group that does scientific testing.

Or you will definitely definitely definitely get left behind.

There are no free links, number to worth having anyways.

Sorry just the way it is.

Google tries to price everyone out of the market and make it tough for seos.

What are the most common problems you find when doing site audits. (If there are any common mistakes)

Everyone underestimates quality that is to say user experience.

People don’t realize Google is tracking every single page people click on and everything they do on that page and if they don’t do the right signal so you don’t get the boosts.

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Through scientific testing I have determined exactly what the right signals are, versus the wrong signals I can guarantee boosts in this regard.

Can a website get it’s growth stunted by Google for having too much “money content” compared to “informative”, non-monetizable content?

No sorry that’s complete nonsense based on completely false non scientific theories.

Why do you waste your time on science???

I like the smell of fresh data in the morning.

No seriously though, the SEO industry for years operated under a simple premise, buy Links.

That’s all you needed to do really.

Now Google has obfuscated things and made it too complex to rank unless you are part of a scientific group.

And are using scientific measurement tools like Cora and pop.

The rest of the industry hasn’t really realize this yet but mid next year.

I predict that the updates will just keep coming and coming at people have no idea what’s going on.

And you’re going to see some real mass panic and mass hysteria a my group will be killing it and other scientific groups will be killing it as we already our check here

Do main navigation links on a page suck up link juice? if so, is there no benefit in linking to the main navigation pages in the content of the page?

Yes and no, it’s not like you can get rid of main navigation links.

I’ve discovered some very interesting things about internal links from all my scientific testing, that only certain kinds in certain ways pass any juice.

For example silos are complete BS.

And this theory of internal linking to everything is BS as well.

In fact if you make a bunch of internal links and increase your Lincoln cluster or what I like to call your ranking cluster you are just going to confuse rankbrain and harm your rankings. I’m thinking of joining a super awesome SEO group. Would you recommend this one? PS: Love the best SEO show on the YouTubes!

Haha no obviously I would not recommend that one.

In fact I wouldn’t recommend any SEO groups unless they are doing scientific testing.

SEO groups that spread nothing but misinformation, guesses, and hearsay are actually quite unethical…

Are you working only on a certain number or keywords/pages at a given time? Or do you go all out on a site right from the start?

I guess I’ll have to increase my prices! it’s quite simple we charge per hour, Less hours means less pages per month.

Have you done scientific testing on if hidden content i.e accordion tabs affects ranking? And if so, do you have an estimated percentage or ball park figure?

All keywords in hidden content are currently counted, so interesting it’s not a factor and doesn’t hurt your rankings any way shape or form – as if Sep 2018

Do you have any thoughts on user experience helping rank as more companies incorporate messenger bot programs on their sites?

We have yet to see bots working for manipulating traffic, usually easier /better to improve your CRO and buy real traffic – you get REAL sales lol

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Withing your monthly group “” do you have detailed guides of your test results that we can implement on our websites?

Of course! all tests are shared within the group, all secrets, all powerful ranking factors isolated down to the nth degree.

Very little guessing, mostly facts on how to rank to be clear.

Previously when ppl in SEO said “it is a fact this is a ranking factor” they were either lying.

Or had no idea what a fact is facts = scientifically controlled and tested hearsay = anything less than that (including the rest of the SEO industries wild guesses and lies about what might be a ranking factor) we have facts.

Recently Google dropped the bomb about their coming plugin SiteKit. Do you think it is a way get more info on how SEOs do their stuff? Otherwise it seems it could be a nice timesaver.…/282385/

I doubt it – they don’t need to they already know everything most everyone does.

Do you ever run across sites that rank really easily for informational content, but don’t do squat for transactional stuff?

Yes all the time, we fix this all the time my scientific testing in this shows you need to trim your ranking clusters.

Fix your keywords, and vastly improve your content mostly by watching competitors content types but also most importantly your user experience.

Have you seen in your scientific testing that schema markup is a factor that pushes the needle the wrong way if implemented incorrectly and if so, which are the markups that makes the most fluctuations.

Never seen bad schema demote, but it’s possible, too much to test p can’t test it all.

That’s a rare case where we need to resort back to guessing and Google says don’t do that so… don’t lol.

Tiered link building to high-DA links. Any tests on this, or input you can add? I found that my strongest links are the ones from pages that get a lot of traffic/good rankings. Therefore I must game the linking pages that aren’t as strong.

That’s all BS.

Linking doesn’t work that way when you start doing scientific testing of seo theories you find only like 30% of what seos say is real:

-there are entire tactics that are completely wrong

-there are entire schools that are completely wrong

If you had to choose do you prefer niche edits or net new guest blog posts?

My group’s scientific testing proves one of those ways give from a x3 to x5 boost.

Sorry can’t release which one.

But yes eventually you are going to need links!

How do you protect yourself and clients from any Google tantrums?

It’s out on itunes US – and i dont go telling google or bragging to ppl what i do – lol.

Keep it all quiet – here is the proof it works though

What your data driven tests show regarding nofollow outbound links?

No follow boosts in SVE testing, but not as much as dofollow – still worth it though.


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