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Jay Miller is a 7-figure agency owner specializing B2B traffic and conversion. His agency focuses on construction companies, CBD, and e-comm.

One of his recent projects was responsible for raising $3M through Kickstarter.

If you have any questions about agency growth, managing accounts with a large budget, and multi-channel marketing strategies, please feel free to pick his brain.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the FaceBook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s successes and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.

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What’s your go-to choice when doing landing pages for PPC : subdomains or subdirectories?

Depends on if you’re running traffic to a site or running traffic to a landing page.

Sites we use Webflow and WordPress and landing pages we use instPage. We tried Unbounce but found their servers too slow.

To be clear, my agency had the capability to build out funnels without things like clickfunnels so we never used their software.

My new client is a logistics firm based out of Hong Kong, they want to target clients in EU and the US, shall I setup the page with .com/us and .com/eu extensions and create specially dedicated content for those locations?

In short, the answer is yes. We’re doing with with a few manufacturers in the EU that are targeting the US.

The benefit is the offers – traffic – and info can be different.

However you must realize you’re doubling your efforts with SEO but that’s okay if the clients’ goal is to dominate both markets.

How to beat (keep beating) the huge tech publishers for competitive keywords?

My first answer would be mid authority keywords and long tail but can you give me what niche and an example of a keyword you’re trying to rank?

What is the best way to, or do you have any suggested resources to help improve conversions with ads? I have improved their situation significantly and do my best to set expectations, but I feel like we could be getting more conversions from our ads.

So this IS my niche, and I’m a PPC expert so I could go on for days about this. But let’s start with the basics.

1. stop going that far out. Your company doesn’t realize it yet but they’ll thank you. I know they say they’ll drive that far away but no matter what it is they’d rather stay close.

Even the bigger guys Reduce the spend to 30 miles max. Your budget will go a lot further. and it’ll increase your impression share.

2. Get them on Google Local Services. It’s a simple application for home improvement.

3. Optmize their GMB and start pushing review generation. We offer this service for $100/month automated, but if you can’t do it in-house companies like @birdeye are are a great place to start – it’s around $300/month and includes sentiment tracking.

4. Focus the Google ads on 1, maybe 2 services, and optimize those first. Push it hard while adding negatives daily to the campaign.

5. For Facebook, do NOT run lead forms. You need remarketing here – approx 5 educational videos.

This is a formula I teach that I can’t put here since we sell a course on this, (the course is specifically FOR contractors and how to scale) but the easy way for you to get them out there is to use video ads in a smaller radius.

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Those are 5 quick tips I have for ya!

What will be your go-to strategy for finding clients to work with as a new content marketing agency for SaaS companies?

For SaaS specifically, I’d use intent data. This is a more complex selling strategy which uses syndication, DSP and publications to find companies absorbing content.

You’re essentially tracking their behavior. the easiest way to do that at the B2C level is using a software like iiintent but I’m not sure how effective their methods are as they’re pretty new to the market.

For B2B, meaning targeting companies and not individuals, that’s actually what we specialize in and we developed our own in-house method to do this leveraging both 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data sources merged with DSP data.

If all of that went over your head, that’s okay. the other easier way to go about it is find people searching for similar products or similar solutions and show them your ads.

The best place to do that type of marketing would be YouTube – remarketing videos that have similar traffic sources.

If you were to start an new agency tomorrow, how and what would your sales strategy be, if that’s too vague, how would you approach it? More specific to me, if you imagine a 6 piece puzzle, I feel I have 5 of the 6 pieces, but not the sales one and that’s really stopping me from taking the leap, as I don’t know where to start.

I would love to get more info about your business first unless this Is simply a generic question.

By having more context I could give a much more concise answer.

I’m currently employed and putting a business plan together, AdWords will likely be the starting point, as it’s a shorter sales cycle than SEO. I read your comment above about ‘I can get you a result in 12 months or tomorrow with PPC’ and think that’s a much higher close rate too. I do have some Niche’s I’d like to try (prefer to not to go into more detail publicly) It’s getting people in the door, I don’t mind allocating budget to something, but certainly don’t have 10’s of thousands to waste. Some top level tips would be greatly appreciated, and detailed tips that work will warrant beers!

Depending on your niche, you could do various things but you don’t need to know how to run ads to get clients. You don’t have to run ads to get clients.

You can get clients organically. Best way is to start building up your experience.

What I started to do in the beginning was I learned how to build websites and I started to get website clients in the way I got them was through word of mouth originally.

Eventually I got a client that wanted me to do ads and I started to learn how to do ads and I continued to just keep learning.

When you’re just getting started you might have an idea where you’ll end up but I almost guarantee you that you’ll end up doing something you didn’t predict whatsoever.

Rule of thumb here is go into a field or niche that you know well already.

That’s how I ended up working so closely with e-commerce and contractors was because I was already doing those things one way or the other. So by having a level of expertise in this field I was able to create better products.

Directly concerning your question SEO is a very complex field, and it’s a little easier to get started to do ads.

If you want to learn how to do Facebook ads a friend do you know has a very amazing Facebook ads course which I have an affiliate program look for it if you need it.

If you want to do Google it’s become almost like rocket science in the way it works – and mistakes can cost you thousands of wasted dollars. It’s something that you need an expert for anymore.

My best advice for you would be to develop your skill sets further in whatever niche you want to go in and start with people who you already know that will allow you to do smaller projects and build up your portfolio.

Hope this helped!

What are your Tips for PBN’s? Also, are new PBN’s better than buying expired domains and reviving them? Number one SEO Tip.  Advanced SEO Tip.

– What are your Tips for PBN’s

I typically don’t do them unless the site competing against others who have them in place already. If you’re going to do it, do not use your own domain – alias it and do a 302 redirect.?

Also, are new PBN’s better than buying expired domains and reviving them.

Building a new one from scratch could be a pain in the ass but it’s worth it because you have complete control.

Buying a pre-exisiting one can be advantageous depending on how much it’s been built out, but you need to make sure it’s not blacklisted in Google’s registrar.

Either way, make sure the domain has an authority over 50.

– Number one SEO Tip

My honest answer is follow

Neil Patel lol but if you want something techy, use a software like Gumlet to host and compress all of your images so you never have to have a VA forget to compress them.

It also will speed up the site and should add in all of your meta data and alt tags.

– Advanced SEO Tip

Create a massive footprint on long tail keywords.

For example, I worked with 97th Floor on a campaign a few years back where we were trying to rank for a very competitive keyword – let’s for example say it was “memory foam mattress.”

Ranking for that was damn near impossible without spending a fortune. Instead, we ranked for several long-tail keywords surround the pain points of the customers. – such as “best memory foam mattress for lower backpain”.

Then we’d move it up to “best memory foam mattress for backpain.” Eventually we rinse and repeat until we were targeting the originally desired keyword. “best memory foam mattress”.

There are various ways to go about ranking the long tail keywords, but this is the strategy we use to go after very competitive keywords.

Scaling “up”. We’ve been on a steady growth trajectory for a decade. In the last year it’s shot up really fast and we’ve managed to retain all the new ones and grow them and they’re bringing their friends to us. Much bigger clients than pre-2020. We’ve filled the office space (and will need to move to bigger in two staff time) but cash flow is still a drama. It’s just bigger sways. We’ve put prices up considerably but I feel like I’m in a fire that is spreading and spreading and I cannot keep control. I have a “second me” to take on half my workload so I can focus on client acquisition and retention more but I need a third and fourth me and growing that is going to be hard. As you can see from my question, I’m basically asking how to stop being a hot mess that can’t take a moment to take control of my thoughts as there is too much on my to do list.

SYSTEMS + AUTOMATION. You have a systems problem – not a staff problem.

Without knowing all the details, I’d say this is the biggest problem most agencies face bottlenecking.

When you have employees and you give them a scope of work and keep their day-to-day tasks documented inside of that scope of work and understand exactly what they need to do every day.

How long it takes – you turn your business into essentially an assembly line.

Those employees should be able to turn over projects a lot faster and therefore have time to pick up some other things as part of that system.

So when I say systems we are really talking about order of operations and standard operating procedures.

The easiest way to get started on that is to map out every single department you have and write out what the SOP’s are for on boarding with the SOP’s are for ongoing maintenance of the account.

Then convert those into checks boxes inside of that document or you can plug them into a project management software and assign tasks to the appropriate team member.

The reason you’re probably having cash flow problems is that we’re likely throwing money into a lot of places that you could otherwise be automating or systemizing.

In addition, if you’re at the level I think you’re at, it would probably be wise to also invest into a CFO eventually or someone who can do cash-flow management to help work off of business credit vs bank accounts.

Look into business credit lines such as Divvy.

Hope this helped, feel free to leave more details if you need!

I’ve got a struggling ecomm site. Google is picking up a product page for a targeted keyword (not optimised for the said keyword), and ranking it on page 5+ rather than the category page (which should be ranking for the keyword). What strategies would you suggest to correct Google? I’ve built external links to the category page, improved internal linking with pretty strict anchors to no avail.

Can you shoot me the 2 page links? Ill take a look in the morning (it’s almost 3am here atm).

But throw them in the comment and I’ll get back to you. It sounds like on page copy issues.

Check out this article from MOZ – I’ve kept it bookmarked for situations exactly like this – it’s a good starting point…/wrong-page-ranks-for-keywords

Need some suggestions for agency growth and managing accounts!

How and what to use? Tools n strategies?

Btw it’s really nice to have someone here n get out something from experts

I’m software agnostic and I believe every agency needs to craft their own journey with software.

However, there are some great ones like GoHighLevel and ActiveCampaign which are staples, and others I’d avoid like it was the plague, such a Pardot or MailChimp.

Your question is kind of broad so maybe direct it into a more specific and concise question – that way I’d be able to better serve you.

My generic response to your question would be get more experience and the clients will come and always over deliver.

One of our site have millions of backlinks but a few thousands of them have high toxic score on semrush. It’s a 9 year old domain and we have all sorts of incoming links including PBNs, Blogspot, etc. However our ranking hasn’t dropped over the years. How crucial is it to disavow those high toxic backlinks? I see many people talking about spam scores impacting ranking and traffic but not sure if it’s really a thing.

It is absolutely a thing. We dissavow spammy links all of the time. The site then experiences a small dip, but most of the time we see it go back up within 1-2 weeks and even rank higher.

If you have “toxic” links, with DA under 10, yeah get rid of them. Social Bookmarks are okay to keep but don’t give much link juice. Get rid of anything that was artificially created.

That said, your site is old with millions of links. if it’s a matter of say 1000-5000 bad links, it probably won’t hurt too much. Google knows larger sites are bound to get spam links to them. It’s a balancing act.

Rule of thumb – get rid of anything that looks artificial or super spammy.

I’m curious to know how you charge and structure your pricing? Also what are your thoughts around the different pricing models – monthly retainers, vs pay per lead, vs revenue sharing (performance based SEO).

If you’re talking about SEO, paying per lead will be hard unless you have a site or GMB that is already ranking and producing a ton of organic calls (aka Rank and Rent models). Otherwise Retainers are a good way to go for SEO.

For anything else, that depends. There are some industries, such as Public Adjusters, where leads are coveted and they’d rather pay per lead. they don’t care about anything but the new leads.

Other companies will care about their marketing and want more full service options. They’re better for retainers. In my experience, doing hybrids for the same client does not work.

If you’re going to do a pay per lead I’d insist that you have to figure out how to do pay per show (or pay per appointment booked). That’s the standard now.

Otherwise you’re refunding a lot of shit leads. How do you do pay-per-show? You can use Google or you can use advanced software such as that you need to get access to from a “coach” in the industry as that software has been dripfed out and is not publically available.

Rob Bailey is one of these coaches that sells the software. He’s a great coach and you’d probably excel very fast in his program.

Since my agency focuses on business development, we do not do Pay Per Lead models. It’s better for both parties in the end to scale for our business model. However, if we were a lead gen agency, I would for sure be doing pay per show.

Oh, and we also do a tiered system focused on growth as opposed to deliverables. Services such as PPC are just a means to an end.

Do you offer any type of private coaching?

I just started to! I’d avoided it for quite a while but a few of my colleagues talked me into it in January.

Reason was we were able to offer a pivoting shift at a $50M logistics company from paid marketing to account-based marketing that helped increase their conversion rates by 30% on outbound sales.

Feel free to PM me and we can discuss what your needs are – would love to learn more.

Which one is better if anyone wants to start digital marketing business, personal brand like neilpatel or agency domain?

Personal brand trumps corporate brand in the beginning when you’re starting out because they don’t know your company.

At the end of the day, they want to do work with people they like. That’s you.

As far as domains go, I would still operate an agency domain, but build your personal brand alongside it.

What profit margin do you always try to maintain on a project?

30% is pretty standard.

Can you please let me know how to generate leads for free or minimum fees? i am using sales navigator but i can not find the potential business. Can you please let me know how to find the clients? I sell digital marketing services, surely i can run PPC ads but right now i dont have enough budget for PPC. I want to save money then i will run PPC afterwards.

Can you give me a bit more detail about your experience level, your target audience, niche, and anything else that may help answer your question?

This is a bit vague and could go on forever.

My target audience is the people who are doing online business like advertising agencies, small businesses, or businesses who wants to convert their business online and grow it on social media or through ads. I want to target them and sell my services like many people/agencies are doing. For example on upwork, fiverrr etc. I am woking on them too, but i need some regular high paying clients.

Well it sounds to me you don’t have your ideal target audience label down. You’re chasing a lot of different clients who all have different problems to all of the different pain points.

You’re going to become a master of none because you have not niches down.

I don’t get me wrong you can have clients in multiple different niches that are completely unrelated.

But they all have to have a commonality that is a problem that you solve so unless you can more clearly identify what that problem is you’re going to have a very hard time selling.

I’m really keen to work on my conversations. Traffic has grown, rankings doing well, yet conversions have decreased. This is an affiliate site. Lots of work recently on tech and site improvements to recover from the December update, which it has, I’m now going around in circles. Any suggestions to improve conversations?

I have a feeling that it has nothing to do with your site or SEO. If you shoot me the page here, I’ll take a look, but I almost guarantee that it’s your marketing message and offer.

If you’re getting traffic and it’s not converting, than you have a user experience problem. It could be your copy.

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It could be the buyer is confused. It could be a lot of things. Post the URL here and I’ll take a look.

What would be the most effective way in order to book sales appointments with clients while I’m working on my own agency’s SEO? I read in one of the comments you mentioned cold calling, is this the most effective one for you?

We never chase. We only attract. So no, we don’t do cold calls. Warm calls maybe if it comes from one of our clients.

But cold never. That is my personal approach, many would likely disagree with it – but we do perform organic outbound.

If you want to CRUSH it with sales, build a group like the one you’re in now, backed by a killer offer. I teach people how to build offers but you really need to understand the difference behind a marketing message and an offer.

If you’re struggling with time, you may want to find a high ticket closer and pay them 20% of the close + 5% ongoing commission for the initial life of the contract.

Whether that’s 1-3 months or whatever. If you don’t have high ticket clients, (anything over $1000) create a funnel with a squeeze page and direct traffic to it.

Can you elaborate more about the “organic outbound” method you’re talking about?

Sure! So organic is a pretty broad term that heads towards anything that is not paid so that could be a variety of things.

What you don’t want to do is spam people on LinkedIn or Facebook in their inbox and do direct pitches because that just pisses people off it doesn’t work. It’s been over done at this point.

Instead you’re going to want to try to develop real relationships with people who have similar beliefs systems as you do.

The way to do that at scale is to engage and leave valuable content inside of places that your ideal customers and prospects may find you so that they can engage with your original content.

A Facebook group is a really good example of that. Or connecting and posting that in their feed.

If you’re going to do it direct out reach campaign like something on Facebook where you’re following people and engaging with people just make sure that you are not pitching your services.

If they like what you’re about they will find you.

What is the most important long term strategy when working in the CBD niche?

This is a two-fold answer.

CBD has a LOT of legalities behind promotion. You can chose to ignore them.

However, the client may be subjected to a massive federal lawsuit and it’ll bankrupt the company. You should make sure they have a lawyer giving some guidance over copy. You can’t claim specific things with CBD or THC products.

For SEO:

REAL backlinks from REAL organic traffic. We have a list of over 100 vendors that we would write articles for that would backlink back to our educational page about CBD.

For example if you were to read an article on about CBD for dogs, likelihood is we wrote it. Those articles then link back to a client webpage that was also educated about CBD for dogs.

It was NEVER a product pitch. The product will be an internal link at the end. this WILL rank the company. You’re going after long-tail keywords here.

“Is CBD safe for dogs?”

“Can CBD help anxiety?”

“CBD for helping joint pain” etc.

You then add in keyword clusters such as CBD for Dogs and CBD for pets, etc.

Do not make health claims. You’re going to use the word MAY a lot “third-party studies have shown that using CBD twice a day MAY reduce inflammation on joints…”

For All advertising –

You’re legally allowed to advertise topicals but a lot of the times Google still will take it down. Worth the risk? Your call. but the workaround is a cliffhanger.

Leave them wondering what the ad is really promoting – what is “30 seconds a day secret to help reduce anxiety?” (they click) CBD article. Education. No products. the products go at the bottom.

Leverage video as much as possible with both education and lifestyle marketing (people using the products, placement inside of physical businesses that share a similar audience, etc.)

Finally, besides influencer marketing, utilize third-party advocacy. Testimonials. Live videos.

Concoctions from the isolates (homemade recipes.). Create a FANDOM around the product. this requires an offer build and mission statement.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask any other questions!

What would be your top recommended channels for a holistic marketing brand launch strategy of CBD?

Which are starting to pop back up. Any and all types. It’s probably not the answer you were thinking but it is by far the fastest way to grow a CBD brand if you can capture emails while you’re there.

The other would be educational marketing using video.

When I say educational, we mean Identifying the what and the why behind your product with benefits being the core focus.

What digital mediums would be best to promote those videos? What are your thoughts about fb ads, snapchat ads and ppc. I have noticed a few brands using them. They normally go by “Hemp” in copy and creatives.

As long as you are not making health claims, omnichannel approach is the best approach. AdRoll is a great software to do just that. Instagram story ads are best.

But Youtube organic and YouTube paid ads are even better because of the intent data that Google gives you.

Find a winning ad there, and you’ll be able to scale it very very fast. You just need to be extra careful with your copy.

Who do you hire first and at what milestones do you add to the employee stack?

This is actually pretty easy. It’s anything that’s repetitive work or anything that is tedious work. Time is money. If you need to spend time working on your business stop doing the graphic design and web design.. Start instead focusing on outsourcing back-office tasks.

As the business develops he will want to then focus on key areas that a higher would save you a ton of money or help you grow faster. This would be a strategic hire versus a timesaver.

For me, that was a web developer. It was the number 1 thing we had in demand. Then it was advertising. so on and so forth. As your business grows, you’ll constantly evolve. Do not be married to one person in one role forever.

HOW do you hire? Make the interview about them and not about you. Keep it conversational. Study some YouTube videos on how to perform job interviews and always do them face-to-face (zoom counts)

What’s the TOP 3 advice for somone who wants to explore and start growing in this niche?
Maybe mistakes you don’t me to do when I start from bottom.

If you’re talking about SEO, man there’s a lot of amazing places to start but 2 of the best resources out there are still Brian Dean and Neil Patel.

Why? Millions of ad dollars in testing. they have the audience and leverage and power to study human behavior and then they teach it practically for free on their YouTube Channels.

Study those organic strategies and then ADAPT them to your clientele.

Things to avoid? Don’t put all your eggs in a black hat method like PBNs. They can really damage a domain if you have it on your client’s actual site.

Things to learn? The different types of backlinks, how to acquire them, and which one’s google is now giving a shit about since they are slowly moving away from them.

Stay up to date with Google’s updates and remember to always ask WHY they did the update – that’ll lead you to discover how to rank content faster.

What is the best process to determine what course of action do you take for new clients? Do you go with organic search route or digital ads or do you tie it all in together?

This depends on what the goals of the campaign/client are. It also depends on how far along that client is in business development.

But ask yourself this question, when you sign a new client, what’s a sexier conversation:

“hey you can do SEO and it will be 12 months before you see significant results – or three if we’re doing GMB, or you can run ads and get leads within 48 hours?”

Again, there are clients that we will do neither with for the first six months of their campaign and some we will do both with within the first six months.

We tend to look at the business and do an audit and then decide what is needed to get to the growth goals that they have.

I am working on my own projects, but I want to become better at project management. What do you use for project management and how do you define things like daily tasks, mid to long term tasks etc.?

My personal recommendations are ClickUp or Asana. We use Asana simply because it had more enterprise level features. There are SO many out there, especially ones that AppSumo has introduced to the market – but I’d avoid the smaller ones as this is an area you don’t want to cut corners on with SOPs and Asana happens to have a FREE tier.

Check out our quick comparison guide here:

Fun fact, this blog we wrote has almost 10k views and we didn’t promote it at all.

But rather ran an experiment and it worked. I’ll let you guess what it was.…/project-management…

Currently working on a new (yet to be launched) LMS startup where individuals, schools, and enterprises can host and sell their courses, our strategy has been the following; 1. City and country based pages & Keywords 2. Informative contents 3. Sign up form on the right side bar 4. Link building by guest posting 5. Well crafted keyword strategy that revolves around various audiences, city, country, etc 6. Lots of blogging 7. Infographics (just started creating them for blog posts) We’re currently creating PPC and launch strategy to go public as soon as possible. Would have loved to utilize PR upon launch but not sure how much that would cost. What would you do differently? How would you approach this project from scratch?

First I would find out how your product is different and how that differentiation solves a new problem in the market.

For you, I’d be positioning a big idea that is not run of the mill or mundane. you need an offer build for something like this since there are already so many similar SaaS products out there.

Pertaining specifically to SEO – easiest way for you to get ahead without spending a ton of money will be YouTube for this niche. Educate your target audience on why this product is a good fit for them.

Use keyword clusters and lots of CTA. Then I’d look for referral blog links and possibly even an Appsumo21 marketplace placement.

But all in all, you’re main problem is that you have a product that so far sounds like all of the rest.

That’s not going to help sell it. Why should I choose this over Thinkific or Kartra or Teachable?

You need to have quite a compelling reason or customers won’t buy.

Do you also run ads on CBD and if so, what’s your work around so that they don’t get banned?

Answered this up too but I’ll give you another spin on this.

To reiterate – topicals you can now advertise.

The easiest workaround is growing an IG following and YouTube following where you can post direct call to actions to purchase.

For edibles, you can’t advertise those federally yet. You can sell them but can’t advertise. The work around is lead magnets – but not in traditional forms – you need lead magnets that address a problem where CBD is positioned as the solution.

But all of that solution info is on the landing page, not in the ad. The ad is to attract through a question following by a cliffhanger.

Ad about problem —> landing page about problem where it discusses possible solutions, one of which is your product —> product page —> Ecom funnel

What steps must be made in order for a digital marketing agency to go from averaging 1500/m clients to 15k/m and how do we find them?

Well without any context to what you do it’s a broad answer.

So feel free to give more context.

In short I would say an offer build. We perform these for every client we sign.

An offer build will determine that only your prospect evaluation but also how you can differentiate yourself in the market.

Short answer? If you wants to get $15,000 a month retainers you need to solve $30,000 a month problems.

Can you expand on the offer build? Is this like a tiered, detailed audit with a timeline?

Not an audit no. It’s crafting your marketing message from scratch based on your product and target audience. That’s all we need to start one.

Then we position you differently from your competition. This is how companies like Beats outperformed their competition – without Dr Dre.

Dre gave them a platform but the marketing team was who scaled it to what it is now – particularly Omar Johnson. So a lot of the methodology is on crafting unique messaging.

What’s your best advice gaining restaurant clients and then growing their restaurant via social and SEO? I’ve worked with two so far, one of those has two locations. They’re doing fairly well after only 3 months of working with me but having a hard time getting more restaurant clients.

I LOVE this question because it’s a physical location.

FIRST – stop ignoring the opportunities IN HOUSE. STOP thinking strictly SEO and be a marketer. They have people coming in already – those are the best advocates for the company.

1. Create a rewards program. If you don’t know-how, look up Five Stars and get some ideas.

2. implement incentives to follow the restaurant on social media or leave a positive review – such as 10% off your order just for following us and tagging us on Instagram” or 10% off your.

3. Ensure the menu is on Google My Business and YELP WITH photos of the food. Label and give descriptions of any and all food items.

4. BEHIND THE SCENES. Have them record what’s going on in the kitchen, especially for holidays and events. Then post the videos on YouTube. Give the video advanced descriptions linking to the GMB. (hack hack hack) Want to see how a company created fandom, look at Angelo’s (attached a picture here of their IG).

5. Posting the foods and pictures on the GMB posts can really help rank the GMB .

6. If there is no rewards program, Capture emails with checkout systems. Ask them if they’d like to receive exclusive discounts if they put in their phone or email – up to 25% off their order. This will allow you to ask for REVIEWS which will help boost the GMB.

7. Monitor your GMB progress with Local Viking.

That’s about all I have for you in 30 seconds but definitely take a look at the resources I provided, hope this helps!

Thoughts on gaining new restaurant clients?

Use the ones you already have. Hence why I shared what I shared.

Use the clients you already have as the third party adoption. “everyone’s talking about it” only happens if everyone is literally talking about it. Nurture the ones you have.

A more advanced hack would be to locally geo-fence a similar restaurant. Every person that enters that other restaurant, feed them very specific display targeting ads. “Tired of those old styrofoam cups from Dunkin?

Come on over to Joe’s cafe, and get 50% off your first order, right on X street in X town.” It’s a really quick example, terrible copy lol but the point is you can target similar businesses with Geo-Fencing and ads.

If you don’t have a geo-fencing parter you can reach out to me, we can do them, but there are a million ways to attract new clients. All of that can be solved with an offer build.

Want to outrank a govt website for a keyword. Planning to improve CTRs. Any tips to go about with this?

Hey there, we did this for a company going up against Eaton which is a massive energy company. It takes a lot of SEO juice to rank organically. You’ll need backlinks to help this.

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Use a referall blogging strategy to achieve backlinks from similar audiences. For example, if you’re going after Pet Owners, petsmart and the pet friendly housing the same audience.

You can leverage one or the other to achieve your backlink. Write a blog for their site with your backlink and link it back to your page.

Another fast track way to rank is video. Use video to rank, or even YouTube lives as they show up in search engines.

This is a very oversighted way to achieve a high ranking very quickly for competitive keywords.

If you give me more details I may be able to give you more specific answers.

We want to rank for a tax payment keyword. The SERP had govt website in top 4 and the remaining were basically long form guide style articles ranking. We created a inhouse tool to make tax payments directly to govt which is faster and simpler Ranking at #5 currently. While we do plan to get few high quality backlinks to it. What can I do to up the CTRs & rankings?

You need to remember that Google is already ranking .gov .edu and .org sites over .coms. They will rank a hubspot article over an article from anyone else because that’s a trusted source of information.

The only way to get the listing above a govt site like that, is adoption. You need more people to use it, and to spread more content and brand awareness for it.

You need not only more clicks, but more page time, and more shares.

Using MissingLetter and other QuuuPromote can help with that as well.

Yes, use press, continue to do backlinks, and even run a YouTube or Facebook ad highlighting the pain points that this solves and let people give it a try for free.

I’d focus very heavily on video marketing here for both organic (YouTube) and paid traffic. Start creating how-to and why videos that link back to the site and include the descriptions that are keyword rich.

Getting several featured blog referral on a large site like American Express might not hurt either.

You need to create authority behind the link. That will only come with REAL people using the product. So you need to get more people to the page and to share the page for it to rank.

Some creative ideas for sharing could include 10% off for sharing the link or even doing a quiz first to capture emails that shows them how they could use the tool specifically for them.

End of the day, I’ll continue to push better content as the answer to most SEO problems. Hope that helps, feel free to reply if you need more help!

Early stage, what is the best way to balance working in the biz vs growth? Looking to break out of the 60 hr week grind, but keep getting pulled under!

I’d first find a reliable VA agency or even a freelancer on Fiverr.

That would be the best place to start. Start outsourcing anything that is repetitive (someone asked me about this already in this thread, scroll back to find it).

Obviously, you need clients to grow so work on getting the experience first, then the clients.

In addition, study the millionaire mindset. For example, personally, you should create a personal calendar. Map out how your day looks week to week.

Write out what you’re doing the day before by the half-hour. Meaning, every half hour of your entire day the following day is accounted for, including waking up and breaks.

Start focusing on what will grow the business while the VAs work on what will sustain it.

DO NOT give your client’s your cell phone number. Get a business line if you need to do calls. set BOUNDARIES with your clients on your work schedule. Once you get them in a habit of doing something, they will not stop.

Lastly, focus on ONE THING and crush that ONE THING. then expand later. Don’t chase a million things at once as far as deliverables are concerned until you’ve damn near perfected the first one.

Any insights on Google’s June Update?

Yes and no. We know it was a slow release and we know it was a partial release. there is ANOTHER one scheduled for THIS month.

So until you see that part roll out also, I wouldn’t change anything you’re doing. What do you need to focus on?

This and this alone for the next month.…/guides/page-experience

Are you already doing it for your clients? What’s is your strategy on that? As you know core web vitals are more towards development side, so as an SEO what will be your recommendations on that?

Create better content is my short answer.

Create educational, engaging content, that is not half assed. and is valuable.

Engagement ranks. So if you want better engagement, stop focusing on backlinks and focus on content.

What software do you use on a daily for clients management and Communication,project management and team collaboration.

We’re really big Asana users for project management.

We actually did an entire blog on project management at one point covering ClickUp,, and Trello.

What about client communication? Like zen desk or something else? and do you have that blog link by chance?

The problem is a lot of clients are not used to the client portal’s and they have to use what they know so we tend to keep a lot of documentation inside of Google Drive for the sake of the clients.

But internally we use Asana in Slack.

Client’s are all assigned admins. whenever we have approval stages, we’ll have specific software for that, such as Markup Hero or Adobe products for revisions.

For social media we use Cloud Campaign (which I’ll bat for over ANY social media management software out there.)…/project-management…

Fact about that blog is that it’s organic SEO took off and it’s got almost 10,000 views from last year and we haven’t promoted it at all.

And primarily we use Line2 for communications as it allows each employee to have a separate line on their cell for $10/line that can take calls and text and only runs during business hours.

We give this to clients so they have access to their admins, and they have admin’s emails.

I’ve never been a massive fan of sotwares like ZenDesk because of the client’s we service – they just don’t want to use it no matter how hard we tried to get them to.

You have a website where artists can present their self within a profilepage. So user generated content. How would you make sure to provide a user generated page that performs well in terms if seo, sharing, visitors creating a own profilepage. We made sure they can add some text, photos, videos, clients, number of followers. We made sure it has a nice design and … my fav… meta title and descriptions that takes the data the artist entered. As example meta Titel: Musician Johne Doe already worked for client a, client b, client c. Is there anything else you would recommend?

Could you provide me a live example so I can better answer the question?

I believe I know what you’re asking but let me see an example first please!

What’s your biggest and most successful lead gen method for your agency?

Account Based Marketing.

We use a proprietary method we call Quantum Audience Targeting where we merge 1st 2nd and 3rd party data to map out ideal accounts to target for marketing campaigns.

And leverage DSP behavior to determine which of those accounts are further along the research phase of their purchasing decisions.

Then we feed them relevant content based off of both intent and behavior.

We are startinf 2 new (fairly big) authority /information sites. We acquired 2 great domains really fitting the subjects (exact match etc). Although these domains are very old they dont have a “history”, thus no backlinks etc. Would you recommend buying and redirecting old used domains in the same niche to kickstart the sites after going live? Or better spend the resources on building more backlinks to the new sites?

I would spend the resources in better content to create what would generate more brand awareness and a ton of traffic.

I’d rather see that come from a referral blog than a black hat method.

Google is really aware of the stuff and they’re cracking down on it more and more so I would do what is going to work, which is a real marketing.

What’s your org structure like? When did you start offering biz dev/sales as well as digital? How do these different skill sets work together within your organization? Do you have two different stakeholders within your client organizations that you work with?

We have project managers and department heads who manage teams.

Concerning business dev, we’ve always offered that, we’ve just expanded in it as we grew.

And sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t – we put them into a slack channel.

What are the most passive ways to build links?


How to rank GMB?

Use LocalViking first and foremost to monitor your efforts. As for ranking, there are a bunch of factors that we know are important.

– Number of reviews is one of them.
– How fast the client answers the phone
– How long the average falls are per keyword searched
– Geo-Targeting
– Leveraging backlinks to the GMB URL or CID

Local Viking’s Facebook group is great for all of this.

Do you mean how fast they answer if they call via the GMB listing? Does it monitor that?

Yes. Not how fast they answer. IF they answer. They absolutely monitor that.

If you start today as a Single SEO (one-man show) but with all your experience as an SEO/Agency Owner. What would you do differently? What would your optimal way to acquire Clients? What would you avoid? What would let you grow faster? Starting an SEO Youtube Channel like Brian/Neal? (Most Agencies have no or shitty Channels) Buying an aged Domain and creating Lots of Sites like Seo “City name” … do attract Clients on a Regional Level?Focus early on a few Niches for good SEO Clients? Changing from Lonley Wolf to a Team/Agency adds a lot of Complexity. Can you recommend any kind of additional resources for that Broad Topic of “Transformation”? (Books, Channels, Videos, Articles, Courses?)

What would you do differently?

– I personally would concentrate more on ranking GMBs since it’s an easy sell

What would your optimal way to acquire Clients?

– I personally love Ads and Groups!

What would you avoid?

– This one is just me but hiring without direct referrals. I had so many bad hires with people claiming they could do what they couldn’t.

What would let you grow faster?

– Personal branding such as creating custom content on multiple platforms.

Can you recommend any kind of additional resources for that Broad Topic of “Transformation”? (Books, Channels, Videos, Articles, Courses?)

– The 4 hr work week by Tim Ferris

How to beat (keep beating) the huge tech publishers for competitive keywords?

Hey! so, in my experience, this is what has worked:

– long tail keywords and a ton of content. Long tail will be the way to go since they are easier to rank for.

– a TON of content. Video, written, audio etc that all links back to your appropriate domain.

Use software like to listen for sentiment tracking to find out what types of conversations people across the internet and craft blogs around those niche topics

YouTube will be your best friend, but you MUST use audio and experiment with both long and short form.

Hope this helps!

Why did you focus on the construction niche?

I worked under a general contractor for 3 years while in college – and did everything you can possibly name in residential construction. (Windows were the WORST.)

Then went into commercial roofing my senior year.

My first client ended up ironically being a plumber. I just did what I knew.

My new client is a logistics firm based out of Hong Kong, they want to target clients in EU and the US, shall I setup the page with .com/us and .com/eu extensions and create specially dedicated content for those locations? thanks!

In short, the answer is yes. We’re doing with with a few manufacturers in the EU that are targeting the US.

The benefit is the offers – traffic – and info can be different.

However you must realize you’re doubling your efforts with SEO but that’s okay if the clients’ goal is to dominate both markets.

I have a new site. Is there a benefit to changing the MAIN blog url to a specific keyword that I want to target? Example if I target the keyword “pest control tips”, instead of using site[dot]com/blog – I would use site[dot]com/pest-control-tips, which will contain different articles related to it.

No not really.

There’s no point in ranking the blog home page. People don’t shop that way.

They want specific answers to their specific inquiries

What’s involved in “Quantum Audience Targeting”?

In a nutshell, it’s the most effective way to find people looking for a solution.

It merges account-based, education-based, and demandside platform (DSP) marketing. This is far more advanced than most of the stuff in this group.

Essentially what it is – we use behavior-based tracking to identify buying signals from companies that may be interested in your services.

We do this through a proprietary method we spent 2 years developing and various software.

These campaigns’ raw costs start at around $15k/month including ad spend and go up from there.

Quantum Audience Targeting is designed for when you’re going after ACCOUNTS, meaning COMPANIES. These marketing campaigns require significantly more budget and are not designed for small or medium-sized businesses.

The software stacks are quite expensive to pull this off but since we have agency pricing we reduce the spend by about $100k per year per client.

We DO have a Lite version of this that is priced at $7800/month which essentially gives clients some mild SEO content and the intent data needed to identify which accounts are in buying cycle, but you don’t have the software necessary to optimize it.

Instead, you have to do the outreach through something like LinkedIn which isn’t as effective but still very fruitful in the approach.

Does doing daily submissions like Directory, Social Bookmarking, Profile Creation, Image Submission etc. work in new age SEO? If not can you give us some tips on ideal off page SEO techniques to follow. Also, what weights high as a ranking factor according to you; Creating regular good content or getting more backlinks?

Well in my experience those old-school methods don’t really have much juice anymore if any at all. In fact some social bookmarking links can be seen as spam.

As far as what ranks high, Google is rewarding brand authority. So you need to have a better brand awareness campaign right now.

Google has flat out said they will be ranking brands and authoritative companies higher than generic ones moving forward into 2022.

The way that we are tackling this is with Brandon where his campaigns and very good educational marketing content that we rank through various methods.

We rank the content not the site. This is just what we are doing and everyone’s circumstance may be different

What’s your go-to choice when doing landing pages for PPC : subdomains or subdirectories?

Depends on if you’re running traffic to a site or running traffic to a landing page. Sites we use Webflow and WordPress and landing pages we use instPage.

We tried Unbounce but found their servers too slow.

To be clear, my agency had the capability to build out funnels without things like clickfunnels so we never used their software.

We’re working with a big client that provides event services to multiple targets. Our solution is to rebuild their website with internal pages related to their services ( eg. Team building, Birthday parties, weddings …) + landing pages doing ( specific service x city ) or ( specific service x age range ) ( eg. Birthday parties for kids , or birthday parties for dads, etc // we pulled this from our interviews with their clients and keyword research ) So the idea is to go seo + seo local for the website and ppc with landing pages. Their competition is easy to beat. We’re based in Morocco.

Why not build the landing pages directly on site and drive traffic to those pages to increase site time and CTRs?