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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Jason Guy, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Jason has been making a living by doing rank and rent business model and I’ve seen him go from being a novice to a savvy marketer in a span of a few short years.

If you have any questions related to rank and rent, please feel free to pick his brain.

Note: Because of his hectic schedule, he may take his time to answer your questions.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the FaceBook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s success and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.


Table of Contents

What’s the most difficult part of your business?

Getting reliable people to rent my sites, pay their bills, and cross that 3 month mark.

Once they pay their fourth month, they’re mine for the long haul

Are you doing strictly rank and rent or a mixture?

90% of my new projects are my own rentals. You get to cherry pick each niches in cities that are not being well serviced in a particular niche.

There’s nothing worse than a roofer calling you, doing your research, and seeing that he’s got nine other competitors and he’s 15 miles from the town he wants to Rank in.

Rank and rent is much easier to rank for me. I’ll still take on a local client, but I’m selective now.

Sometimes when I get a hot lead to, I now say, hey what if I do a project in X town.

Would you like leads from there, it would be much easier to rank in.

Then I can do a rental for someone that called me.

Do you prefer a set monthly fee, ppl or some other similar anacronym?

I like set monthly fees. 300-1000. No matter how big I get.

I will never be adverse to setting up 4 more $300 rentals that took little more than a Gmb and a website to rank.

What’s ur average city size / competition and what’s the average price point for monthly renting?

$500 month is my sweet spot.

Average comp is low to medium for a medium to high dollar category.

I intentionally pick freak, easy to rent niche/city combos

Can you provide 2 examples of the types of “freak, easy to rent niche city combos” you would pick. Obviously not the ones you’ve actually picked but some which didn’t make the cut yet are still good examples of what you mean.

It takes me a lot of time to do that.

We go over that in coaching and even pick your next few projects for you if you ever want a few hours of help.

Sorry but specifics take time.

Do u rank one site in one city typically or master authority sites targeting many cities / gmbs?

One Gmb per website, per phone number, per client.

One client gets the entire entity

If soz do you make single location sites or do you do multi?If multi… how “multi”? I just started out and have a niche in mind, but dont knownif I should go 1 city… 1 state… nationwide etc. Hate so go 50 gmbs deep to have it all go to hell in one swoop.

Yes Gmb and organic but Gmb ranking with good reviews is fine with me.

No multi for me.

In your opinion what are the most important factors to rank GMB that can be sistematized? Like Money Robot or another software that will do it for you?

Picking a niche that is easy to rank for.

I spent the first two hours of my coaching program talking about this very topic.

Do u have a process to consistently rank in maps?

1. Picking a niche city combo that will pay dividends but has weak competition.

2. Having an outside service lay down my socials and citation foundation

3. I have a 3 girl assembly line of part times from the website build to Gmb optimization’s and service pages to a blogger for size and silos

4. Hit it with 3-6 good links.  If I need more than that, I probably didn’t pick a good niche city combo

How do you handle branding for the sites? Do you brand them with the clients name or a generic name?

The name is part of my strategy for ranking.

I choose the name.

When the client answers the phone they have to answer the phone with my business name.

No negotiating on that point.

When they finally get out to the house.

Then they can be their own brand and say oh this is our DBA, or we recently bought that company.

Do you do citations for the gmb’s?


What call tracking service works best for you and why?

Call fire. They have an easy to use IVR (press one to be connected) That filters out Robo calls.

Nothing will screw up a free trial like 8 Robo calls the first day you forward the phone number to their cell.

What do you use to forward to call to their phone? Google voice?

Call fire does that for me, with an ivr in between.

Do you get most your leads as calls directly from the GMB or from the website? Do your websites also ranks first page?

Gmb for sure.

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Especially if I picked a niche where no one else has reviews.

All of a sudden I show up in the three pack and my client has 15 five star reviews, you know who they’re going to call.

When that’s the case the GMB overwhelms organic rankings by far.

That being said we will target nearby towns with a location page.

Nothing fancy, but it cost me around $15 to add a location page for a nearby town.

So if I can add 12 of them for $180, that will pay off nicely for my client in the long run, keep them happy, and keep that money coming in.

Totally worth it! Invest in your website and your content.

Do you find businesses who are interested in renting properties prior to building, ranking and renting your sites? Or do you rank a site first and then find a renter? Just curious about the order you do things in, + wondering how you know whether a site will yield a good return prior to having a relationship with someone in the industry you’re ranking/renting to?

Excellent question, I could literally talk to you for two hours about my experiences in the past.

It’s nice when you already have a client or rental and then you expand for them.

Man when you already have a reliable client, your easiest path to money is to take his existing $1000 per month.

And scale him up to $6000 per month like I did with One of my better clients last year.

He’s hungry to scale, so I just keep finding cities that I feel will pay off for him.

If you pick a niche where you don’t know of a couple of prospects.

Then your hardest part is going to be finding a reliable partner.

Once you find one, it’s super easy to add on for them.

What are your most effective methods for finding a partner before you build and/or after your site is generating leads. Do you supply email leads?

Networking, expanding for an existing renter, cold calling if I built the niche before having someone lined up.

Do you mean When somebody fills out the contact form do I forward it to the person renting? Yes of course.

Are you doing exact match, partial match or branded domains?

I have my own little algorithm for choosing a niche city combo and I have my own little sneaky methods that I only share in coaching sessions.

Sorry I can’t be more there but I can tell you this.

If you pick the right spot you can rank with either

Exact match is good for churn and burn Although I have seen some last a long time.

They do rank easier, but I’m more likely to get flagged In eight months or in two years.

Can you imagine investing $1500 in the GMB and a website build and citations and back links.

Only to have it flagged by a competitor, and manually reviewed by google.

It’s so obvious that Seattle roofing LLC is an exact match designed by a marketer.

There are pros and cons to all three methods.

What is the number of leads you have coming in consistently before you think its ready to rent out? I would guess if you going to rent for $500 you would need at least 10-20 good quailty leads pm?

Depends on the niche. Once you hit the 3 pack and have reviews, it doesn’t trickle in, it’s like a light switch was flipped.

When that happens, I start a free trial and Change the call forwarding from a burner phone sitting in my office to the free trial for the client.

An IVR must be set up before the free trial begins

Do you have individual accounts for every gmb or do you use a master account? Do you use proxies to build and manage?

Omg individual. but I don’t do proxies but I do separate the risk a little bit.

The consensus in the community is that as long as you have separate GMB accounts, you don’t need to mask your IP address.

But if you want to ghost browser or something like that with a unique persona for each tab, all the more protection for you.

I personally do not have anything like that set up and I have never had one come down that I have invested in.

What does your outreach and sales process look like? Do you handle that yourself?

Outreach for local Seo clients is not my specialty.

What services do you use? How long does it take for you to rank in 3pack in an easy niche (approximately)? Where do you get your reviews? Where do you get your pictures? Do you optimize them?

I like Web20rankers 120 day Gmb program.

An easy niche usually takes me 4 months. Some are near instantaneous if you picked a super low comp niche.

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I try to get the client to get real reviews, I’m an honest person and don’t want to deceive people.

If you got a guy that does not have 10 people in the past he’s worked with to potentially give him a five star review.

You might’ve picked the wrong guy.

I get my pictures from deposit photo.

We mostly just optimize the file name and we do just fine with that.

Do they get the reviews for YOUR website (in the end, it is yours, not theirs)?

Yes they get reviews for MY gmb, and sometimes i’ll reward them.

Like $20 off the monthly fees for each 5 star review they get.

Very good investment because…

More reviews = more leads = raise my price next year.

They dont even know they’re working for me now.

What’s your monthly income goal? How many properties do you currently operate? Do you have a sales funnel?

My income goal is to add $60k recurring revenue to my rental portfolio each year.

I do not have a sales funnel.

That is usually better suited to someone doing local seo, especially if they have niched down.

Although if you work on a funnel of your own, more power to you.

I will however soon have a funnel for my coaching classes.

Why do you not like multibsite lead gen where you can branch out? Using calk fire numbers for GMB have you had any problems vs using a local number?


We all got to choose a path to make our money, local Rank and rent, nationwide rank and rent, affiliate, client local SEO.

I just happen to have picked local rank and rent that usually entails one GMB per website per phone number per client.

And that just happens to be in business model that’s working very well for me.

Do you charge differently based on call volume – like tiered pricing based on monthly calls? The nice thing about ppl is you can maintain vested in the amount of leads that come in and benefit from increases. Do you have upsells to increase the value of your properties? Like adding adwords etc.

I usually base the initial price for a year based on the call volume and how profitable the calls will be.

It’s not tiered. If the site does well we can raise the rent next year and they will except the increase because of its performance.

PPL is great for some people and I understand its value.

You can take my coaching, build your rank and rents, and only the last 2% of your efforts are different with PPL vs a flat monthly rate.

I just happened to usually choose a flat monthly rate

What is rank and rent?

It’s just local Seo or lead gen but the client can never ever fire you, because you own the website.

What do show in your reports to your clients and how often do you give your clients reports? Weekly, monthly, quarterly?

I don’t give reports. I give leads.

Can you divulge your entire business model and ranking strategies for me on this thread? Looking for some golden nuggets…

LOL, my best ranking strategy is to call someone smarter than you.

You my friend, might not have any available resources up the food chain.

Do you have a reliable outsourcer that can create citations well?

I like Web20ranker and their $799 120 Gmb one time optimization.

It’s very powerful, I always buy with some kind of coupon code.

Once it’s done it usually doesn’t take more than three links to rent something low to medium

How do you deal with legal issues that arise for home services that require a license like a remodeling contractor? Have you had any issues with a business name that is not registered? Do you ever have a client register a DBA for the brand name of your lead gen site?

I haven’t had any but if the Niche you decided on requires a business license.

just make sure your partner has a masters or proper business license up to code.

I have never had an issue with the business name that is not registered.

Although I did get a letter one time that got sent to the house where we had sent a postcard.

That made me a little nervous but I never heard anything more about it.

I would not have a client register a DBA because then he would on the name that I invested so much money in ranking.

He could legally sue me a If I ever partnered with someone else.

I just make sure they sign contracts with their personal business name, not mine.

Excellent questions that guys like us never like to deal with.


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