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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Abbas Ugur, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Abbs is a lead gen SEO ninja. He is always learning and isn’t afraid to share his wisdom with the community. If you have any questions related to lead gen/local SEO, feel free to pick his brain.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until bitcoin value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s success and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.


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What formula works for you in regards with organic seo?

I would start by grabbing a few domains with hosting, start practicing on them, depending on the niche.

I would build 10 links manually, do little on page and wait week or 2 n see what happens with your efforts.

If you could move the ranking a bit, you can keep repeating it.

What’s your best lead gen source for local leads? Do you prefer GMB over SERP ranking or do you go with adwords or fb ads?

We are trying to focus on GMBs in hopes for following path of least resistance.

We feel we are best set up to scale up to optimize GMBs faster than other types.

GMBs convert into cash real fast especially with home service niches.

We have SOP in place to leverage GMBs at cheaper cash burn rate than Adwords and FB.

Additionally, as we are optimizing our GMBs whether building links, profiles, embeds, stacking etc.

It may pass juice on the money site for natural SERP rankings with some local niches large number of clients call directly from GMB listing without visiting the landing page.

It takes a few campaign to get GMBs going after 3 months most niches in mid to low comp will keep ranking basically on auto pilot.

Do you optimize GMBs for clients with a current GMB page or do you setup ”ghosts” (a GMB that you own but that you point to a business)?

That depends on how aggressive you wanna get with it.

If u got extra few hours a day for a week or two, your second option seems feasible why not keep most of the assets in case of a break up.

Only issue I face is to get GMBs approved, do you have a cure for this that you by any chance would like to share?

“Get paid $20 for 2 minutes of work” can be advertised on Letgo, offer up when they reply.

Why can’t you do both ? GMB and SERP ?

We could do both, but we find the SERP is not as lucrative as local at least the way we are set up.

It may work other way around for someone else.

You take on a new client, what tools do you use to analyse their current SEO?

We may bring new client on if we feel we can turn into long term joint venture (we stay away from client SEO because it is time consuming and barely offers any research value. We like to focus on projects we can dominate and stay passionate)

Otherwise we build the GMBs, rank them and sell the conversion on higher end of the PPL structure.

If I really need to analyse a site, honestly I don’t do it.

I usually get someone who does site audits on a daily basis.

Apart from webpages, are there any other web properties you rank to generate leads on the SERPS?

Yelp can rank in SERPs with custom Google maps and embeds we also get a few calls from Yelp organically from “yelpers”.

What is your top SEO research tool to analyze competition for local SEO?

We chase leads with Multiple GMBs in Miami, we rarely worry/analyze competition because our strongest competition may have less than 3 GMBs.

We will not be in a niche unless we have over 10 GMBs well optimized.(unless we are going against another lead gen platform which is very rare)

We are chasing conversion/cash i may use a software to look long tail keywords, if I cannot get enough after manually inspecting my comp and/or SERPs .

I would also check out local free newspapers for extra keywords.

Whats your best way to acquire clients? Do you have a sales team or referral system? Just cold calls

We generate Calls in a niche we can be passionate.

We take the call with our dispatch center then sell the conversion for as much as 30%.

Once the calls are coming my monetization partner will make face to face contact locally.

We will take the actual call, sell the job , then send our lead gen partner to do the job. Once the job is completed we will take our 30% or whatever the going on rate is.

Once the calls are coming, it is like owning Bitcoin so easy to sell the CALLS.

Do you use the rank and rent method? And what are your thoughts about rank and rent model?

Rank and rent can be leveraged depending your strength. Basically taking little less money for less dealing on the monetization part.

If I didn’t have twilio numbers, call tracking software, SOP in place, perhaps I would rank and rent to squeeze cash to build up assets to go for lead gen.

How long does it take you typically before the calls are coming in, typically?

GMBs can bring calls in days.

When you use GMB as your lead generation property, do you do citation, press release, and social sites? How much is total cost do you spend per GMB location on avg?

We only get the top 10 citations like Yelp, Manta, Yellowpages, Houzz, Angie’s list etc.

Whether we get a citation or social profiles we try to add unique content, sprinkle unique kws around the NAP and wrap around links.

We feel social profiles helps bit more than citations, we try to go up to 300 social profiles per GMB.

Each campaign gets some g love it is really hard to put a number on the cost, with the right system it can be super reasonable.

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When you’re talking about 300 social profiles, do you mean like google profiles which then provide reviews?

With those 300, you create a profile, and link back to your GMB.

Do you use different content for each profile?

It is better if you could. Then I would stack it, some platforms allow you to add URLs.

Out of all of those links how many on average are getting indexed?

Great question. If you build each link with images, videos, and decent content you may be surprised with index ratio.

When google decides not to index a page, I think she feels it is not good enough for the Google eco-system so we try to give her what she likes.

One common denominator is Google likes Youtube. Having videos in the links may help with Google love.

When you create a new GMB – How long do you wait before hitting it with those profiles? Do you have a waiting period for the gmb to age and do you use new gmails accounts as well (do you login from different IPs) Do you send any PBN links?

I get the FB, Twittter, Pinterest,Yelp, Google brand, YT, etc less than 20 right away.

Boost them with Custom Maps and get embeds. I don’t use PBNs

Do all of those point to one GMB listing?

You can see use same website with a unique landing page, unique phone number for each GMB.

What is your method for finding businesses to work with you for Pay Per Lead? And any recommendations on how to sell the model to them?

We build up the platform and start generation loads of calls in kw landscape we are bit more comfortable than average SEO, then my monetization partner makes an offer to a local business owner who cannot refuse.

If it is a new niche we give away a few calls for free, if the lead gen partner has money, then we ask for money upfront for upcoming calls as the calls increase my partner finds more local biz owners in the same niche.

Any examples of an offer they can’t refuse?

Free calls/customers.

How do you price your leads? Do you have some formula based on Adwords CPC?

Since we picked up the calls as dispatch, we wanna build up ships where we can get as much as 30% of the added value.

If there is only a few calls coming in, we will let them go at low price, when we ramp up we hope to get max we try to follow VALUE LADDER CONCEPT.

We feel we can keep up with this model so long as we keep picking up the calls and semi-sell/close the job.

How do you semi-sell the calls? Do you need to have understanding of these niches? pricing etc.

Yes exactly. We understand our niches inside out.

We are insiders in 2 of our niches. We pick up the call and we feel we do better job than average small business picking up the call and making the first impression with the client.

We used to send calls directly to lead gen partners, when we listen and analyze the call convos we realized most business owners are NOT the best at closing leads over phone.

We feel by picking up the calls we increase conversions over %50 with multiple lead gen partners.

We get calls at 10 pm our dispatch turns those late calls into leads for the next day.

If the calls were going to directly to biz owner we would have lost of lot late calls/customers. another method that works with Dispatch, we are open 24 hrs, we do happen to get lot of calls late at night.

How do you figure out what to tell the customer and what to let the business owner discuss with them? Pricing, when the job can be done, etc.

We try to stay on top of each call/conversion.

If we feel our lead gen partner is deviating away from our SOP, I will give him a fair warning and the same time keep looking for more partners.

Usually with SOPs in place, those issues can be minimized i think.

What kind of things are in your SOP’s? Just a rough idea.

We have job $ minimum, pictures must be taken, customer MUST BE 100 satisfied, they must show up within the time frame that is promised basically good practices to sustain growth and leverage life time value of a call.

How many people do you have in your call centre? Overseas or domestic?

Just one person.

Miami we have a dedicated cell phone for each niche.

All the cell phones stay with my monetization partner which acts as dispatch/ call center.

We feel whoever is picking up the calls should have basic understanding of the niche.

Are you using burner or for the numbers or using another kind of software?

We use Twilio and for now, for call tracking.

We hope to build our own call tracking because we end up loosing calls for no reason.

We have investigated, started the tickets, I have tried different call tracking softwares.

Money Robot has lowest learning curve in local SEO.

Plug and play, but need a dedicated computer and VPS.

Do you get paid upfront by the customer and pay out the client? Or do they pay you?

We get paid per job. Job closes and customer happy.

Lead gen partner collects the money and forwards our share.

My monetization partner likes ACCOUNTING.

If you could just do 1 thing that resulted in the biggest ranking gains for GMB what would it be?

Custom G Map.

It is when you are logged in with Gmail, google “create google maps”.

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We use it to boost our GMBs and/or get our citations indexed.

If you are working on a business location for a particular niche, which only has one location (but which you had designated all the cities your business serves). What specifically do you add to your custom map? Do you ad landmarks to let visitors know how far your business location is from a certain place? or what do you want the visitor to see in the custom map?

You can certainly add land marks into Custom Google Maps, it is a like a universe in that so many options.

I would play with options like import etc. manually test a few different options.

Map embeds is vital though.

Do you use this map to show directions from several places to your client place of business? This would work extremely well for a store, but how about for a contractor who doesn’t serve clients at his location?

Yes, directions from several places Service area Contractor directions to nearby cities I want to rank for.

How can you add more than 9 destinations in the custom G-map?

There is a limit on how many levers you can add to the map.

I think less than 10. For more destination, use multiple Maps.

Try it and watch the results. Be sure to get embeds to custom maps.

Do you use a website address with each GMB you rank or you keep it simple with just a phone number and hidden address? Do you add any reviews to your GMB?

Each GMBs represents a biz/semi-brand/persona, so each gmb has its unique NAP with unique landing page, which we build profiles and citations to.

We have SOP in place for reviews. We feel if the GMBs are set up correctly, we don’t need no more than a handful of reviews. (some cases sure more the better)…/

Each GMBs represents a biz/semi-brand/persona, can you give a sample of the GMB name?

We try to ramp up the calls with EMDs once the calls coming in we hire branding people from market places to come with Name & logos.

In the long term we find semi brand rank better, example Rashid Roofing Repair.

If you want calls real fast like a nitro boost you can do My city Roofing repair which will get calls fast a few but i will stay in that a few call KW landscape.

If you are using branded as example: CHicago Roofing Repair then changed to Rashid Roofing Repair then you rank for that. What will happen once you have the contractor? Will you change the GMB name? Do you use different email per GMB?

I would start with Chicago roofing Repair.

Grab some cash bonus my guys then start building more GMBs this time with more money invested, better logos, better images, and go for semi brand with another GMB Rashid Roofing Repair.

Yes we always use unique Gmail for each GMB bit of time suck but offers more protection against aliens.

Do you even build out sites or do you purely focus on GMB?

I build out my sites personally mass pages with directory creator then I will have my team finish them off from design perspective.

What we focus on is creating over 10K page mass page website and connect over 15 GMBs to it.

Once the site has some juice , the GMBs will start ringing.

What are your top 3 SEO “hacks”?

GMB verification, Custom Maps, essential geo profiles.

How do you get GMB reviews?

We have SOP in place for fetching reviews…/

Which are the best industry tools to use for seo? Can you name best 5? Also what modules would you cover in advance SEO for a website?

Regarding best tools i would follow Sir Kang methods/advice.

I don’t have a technical background to be able to give the best advice.

What is the best way to manage address for a lead gen GMB listing? Is it a good practice to keep the address hidden for a lead gen listing nowadays? If you keep the address hidden, how do you make citations?

If you are concern with customers showing up at the address , you could hide the address.

And you could still build citations/profiles to that address.

What would your strategy be if you want to target all US cities for a niche? Is GMB still relevant?

I would try to Leverage GMBs for sure on a nationwide project as the cash flows in then possibly explore more options cold email funnel, yelp and organic social media.

When it comes to building a lead gen site do you buy expired or auctioned domains?

Aged domains are generally better for ranking I think.

But sometimes I pick silly extensions in hope for picking catchy brand name.

How do you generate traffic for a product people do not know they need or exists?

I would build organic and/or paid funnels (email/FB/Linkedin/Pinterest) to maximize current traffic.

If there is a budget, I will run multiple campaigns on multiple platforms, study the metrics to find a soft spot to scale up.

How to generate leads in any niche?

Certain niches have tougher ramp up requirements and/or much higher restrictions to entry.

Example, must proof license to start GMB for locksmith Niche

I would stay within my niches or that are close to my niches but in general SEO is SEO mate. Once you rank a niche, you should be able rinse and repeat.

What kind of proof do they ask for to locksmiths?

Baldino took a case against Google which started domino effect.

As a result locksmith niche became one of the most polic(y)-ed

I believe currently you would have to prove the business registration/license perhaps via video call.