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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Tim Parker, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Tim has been involved with lead gen marketing for over 20 years and knows his craft.

He has spent over $121,000,000 in Google Ads and has generated close to 10 million exclusive leads using a variety of traffic sources for various industries since 1998.

If you have any questions related to lead gen, please pick his brain.

Tim also just launched a prospecting tool and there is a special offer for SEO Signals Lab members.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the FaceBook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s successes and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.

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Do you mainly acquire leads through paid ads, or SEO? and in general do you prefer landing pages or full websites for collecting leads?

We use many different methods. We also do mass page sites.

Landing pages are much more successful than a site page or full websites.

One thing that we do without ever changing is track everything. It’s also a way to cover yourself with a client.

What totally has shocked me from day one is the horrible lack of response from clients that simply won’t contact the consumer in a reasonable amount of time.

What niches would work the best during and after the corona era?

I had a conversation with a good friend in the last 45 minutes on that exact subject.

In his case, he works with a lot of blue collar niches, which are my personal favorites.

I suggested to him that he take all his niches and prospects and sort them by what I call “necessity” niches.

These are services that regardless of economic situations you WILL get done.


If you live in a warm climate and your AC goes out.

You may be able to tough it out short term but there’s a great chance that you will find the money for it.

So I would do triage on my niches and figure out the following

Who is going to pay me?

Who has the money to pay me?

If the problem was at your house would you fix it?

Frankly I believe there are some niches right now that I might prioritize due to circumstances.

The FB Prospector tool that you can see at the link Steven Kang posted will find any FB Business page worldwide with everything you need to reach out to them.

What strategies do you use for keywords that are close to page 1 that you can’t get over the hump?

The tool we use currently was created by Earl Gardner who is a member as well as a trusted friend.

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It’s using a unique strategy with some Amazon S3 assistance.

The person I mentioned earlier in an above post is truly slaying rankings using Earl’s tool.

How much time do you spend manually researching the lead before reaching out? And, how many prospects do you cold pitch per week?

I’ve done this so long, I am very “picky” about niches I work with.

I’m looking for people who don’t want to tell me how to do my job and genuinely appreciate my expertise.

About 2 years ago, I fired over 100 pure SEO clients. We were killing it with GMBs.

I don’t currently do any work with what I would classify “white collar”.

Reason being they knew more than I did before they called me.

I love all the blue collar niches. What I have to say is common though, is the fact they miss more calls than they take.

That’s why I NEVER do anything that I can’t track. I refer to it as CYA (cover your ass).

We typically target a niche and based on the size of that market, we choose a group of 15-20 and put them through various funnels and follow up.

A tool that is simply amazing is it’s the best video email solution there is.

Very personal and gets really high response rates.

I’ve gotten to know the owner/CEO Ruben Dua and his team is nonstop educating, training and coming us with fantastic ideas for marketing.

Highly recommend.

Does Google Ads have a brighter future than SEO?

I’m probably a little biased regarding Google due to my long term relationship with them.

Don’t overlook Bing though. Older demographic so think about that when you are looking at home services as an example.

Google Ads are always more results-oriented than SEO. You can have someone’s phone ringing in an hour.

SEO isn’t going away but many have experienced the Google Dance and totally wiping them out.

Don’t want to give away all my secrets but let’s say there’s something to be said for offering “managed Google Ad services”.

When people withhold Google Ads for reasons like maybe now, where does each $1 of the Ad money go? Can you give an approximate breakup of share to SEO, FB, traditional marketing, not invested in other, etc.?

Not sure what you mean by witholding Google Ads.

I have the confidence in my ability and proven with soon to be a $10,000,000 Google Ads spend to focus a client on RESULTS.

I don’t talk about anything regarding SEO.

If you do, you’ve lost them because they’ve already been lied to and bombarded with “experts” who promise them the sun and the moon.

Focus on explaining in terms they understand. They understand when you tell them… “I can make your phone ring”.

That solves the problem.
FB ads in my experience can be really good but not for all niches.

Think about the audience before you decide the niche. Will the niche bring the audience you’re looking for??

Does your fb software not extract emails?

Our FB Prospector is fully approved by FB. The FB TOS specifically excludes the emails.

But we created a solution that will get the email addresses.

If you saw the offer, there are 2 videos on the page. They show how the two work together.

The Email Harvester is not in any way connected to the FB Prospector. it’s totally independent and works like crazy.

In fact, we run the harvester without being signed in to our FB accounts. There’s no way it will cause any issue with your FB account.

Please check out the videos and if that isn’t very clear please let me know.

We do not sell the Email Harvester by itself.

You must purchased the package to get it and we’ve got a big $75 Coupon for all the members of SEO Signals Lab.

The email harvester does the job for the harvesting for only fb groups or what?

It does ONLY FB business pages. No reason to screw around with individuals in a group unless you know someone is a decision maker.

I would personally reach out to that person.

Any interesting platforms or sources outside Google Ads, Facebook Ads & SEO?

We are quite successful with mass pages. Innovations in that area have been fantastic in last couple of years.

The good ones allow you to use great schema and many other things.

We don’t waste time on Craiglist or similar. Hope I’ve answered your question properly.

How do you get clients for your leads?

I would really encourage you to NOT try mass page nationally.

It’s so much easier to take a region or metro and really cover it well.

Damn, I got to keep some secrets… but here’s a thought.

If you have a good call tracking system, you can let it do the prospecting for you to a degree.

We’ve been very successful by picking 3-4 potential clients in a market.

We setup the system so everyone’s phone rings at the same time. You’ll know after 5-6 leads have been delivered who your best client will be.

You always setup the “whisper” that tells the prospect who is sending the leads.

This way no matter who answers the phone, they know who you are.

Cuts out a lot of problems with getting through to who you really want to talk to.

It doesn’t sound like a cold call because they already know you, right? Try it.

What are your best methods for getting new customers?

I 100% of the time inflate my prices.

I know everyone is wanting to negotiate, so I prepare to let them “win”.

Everyone wants to win!
I would say something like this…

Phil I always want to get the best value for my dollar as well.

I think I have a solution that I can make work for me and give you excellent pricing.

Is that something you’ll like to know about?

You’re going to say yes to me there.

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So then I’ll say, Once I prove myself to you, I’ll ask you for 2 referrals.

They don’t have to be in your business but I’m sure you know many other business owners.

In return for those referrals, I can offer you a huge (XX percentage) of my services.

It’s not confrontational, they win and you get 2 new referrals.

Let me expand on that just a little more.

First even with my discount, I’m going to make at least what I wanted in the beginning and in most times even more.

Now take this as 100% truth and honestly because that’s just how I am. Anyone who knows me would tell you that.

I always make MORE money on the referrals than I did on the person who referred me.

WHY?? Because the person who referred me is going to tell them what a great job I did for them.

Many never ask the price but when can we start.

Call me crazy but I ALWAYS do the following with those referrals..

I give them a similar pitch. Hey Phil I’ve got something that I think you’ll really love.

I go through the same process of offering some discount in return for 2 referrals. NEVER ask for more than 2.

If you do your job, you’ll get a lot more than 2 without asking.

Which course would you suggest for a beginner in Google Ads?

I would have to look at a few before suggesting any to you.

So many aren’t current with the new GoogleAds.

There’s a guy who many would recognize that is still selling GoogleAds training from 3-4 years ago and making a ton.

If you can give me some time, at least a week, I’ll see who has updated training.

I’ve given consideration to doing a true mastermind for that plus lead generation but I’m so busy with my businesses it’s hard to find the extra time.

My approach would be different. I would want to work with people who actually wanted to create a sustainable business and not just want to “try it”.

Which one is more important? Ads content or ads strategies?

For greatest success you have to have both. First to get the Quality Scores you want.

Which means putting more money in your pocket and more leads to the client.

We are deep into Personalization with Ads. You can take this to the bank… personalization of ads is going to be GIGANTIC.

Our tests show huge differences when using personalization.

I have niches where I’m paying 20% of what competitors are and killing them because Google rewards you and will place your ad above their’s for far less CPC.

Don’t know if that is going to be long term outlook now that the 2 founders of Google have stepped down.

Can you further elaborate personalization ads?

Using info like location as an example.

If they are in your list, you can also you their names.

Crazy effective with email.

Can personalization be used for new Ad account with customer data set?

Yes but you wouldn’t have their names yet.

You can use location, additional keywords throughout your landing pages.

All these things the big G LOVEs and will reward you with MUCH less cpc.

No reason you can’t make every landing page very highly optimized.

What are your tips for personalisation if the business is purely online and not area specific (telemedicine)?

Until you get them on your list you won’t have their names but you can use other things like: location, add multiple keywords throughout the content.

I don’t often use zip code but you can. If I don’t already have them on a list, the location works great.

Gives them the local feeling.

For everyone, personalization is gaining huge interest in ecom too.

Adwords it’s a no brainer because of the increase Quality Scores.

Once main stream adopts this, Personalization is the future.

Are you sending the calls directly to the contractor or do you use a service to screen out the marketing calls prior to send the calls to them? If you use a service, what do you use?

First, after all the time I’ve spent and leads I’ve generated there hasn’t been a call tracking system that does what I want or need to do on a daily basis.

I’m 14 months into building a call tracking system that is going to make a lot of noise in this industry.

I’ve put my own 22 years of knowledge into this and we will be a force to be reckoned with. I think it’s still a few months from primetime.

We will have everything you really need to manage and deliver your leads.

Specifically Martin Acosta you should offer a concierge type service of making appointments for clients.

You can get 2-3 times the normal price of a lead by doing this.

The qualification is the consumer must be looking for a service the contractor provides.

I would target down to zip code level to ensure they are in the service area.

I’m not going to be really specific about a feature that does NOT exist in any system today.

But I will say there’s a 100% chance the caller talks to the contractor.

Sorry that’s all I will say.

No reason to educate my competitors in that area.

What would be the best plan suitable for B2b biz from 6 mths to 9mths ahead because of this covid 19?

I would triage my clients or prospects to ensure they are ready to buy my services.

If you deliver, you don’t have to worry about time frames. You’ll be too busy making money.

What are your biggest learnings regarding the generation of telephone leads on a blog?

My own experience is a true blog is hit or miss. I wouldn’t depend on it for a client’s needs.

Only thing better than a telephone lead is someone standing in front of you.

Should I lead my traffic to a sales page instead to get their number? Or do you have any tips how to get leads on a blog effectively?

We use blogs more for cpa type offers.

Using RSS to provide nonstop awesome content.

Well if you can’t track the calls then direct them to a landing page so you can.

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You have mentioned mass pages several times, I noticed that a few websites I have that contained tons of different pages got their pages reduced from the crawler. In one case, one website with more than 300 pages, got at least 220 pages taken out of the SERPS, there is a safe way of doing it?

As I’m sure you know it’s pages that rank and not sites.

The better-made pages in mass pages look like a true landing page.

Far better than “typical” web pages. Also with recent updates, it’s very easy to get excellent schema on each page.

If you structure your pages properly with informative schema, you’ll be showered with G Love.

When using schema do your best to get it as well targeted as you can.

Don’t ever be general like Local Business, it’s better than nothing but not much.

Try to identify the page to Google as closely as possible.

What do you think of using skags for google ads? In more particular using AORI to manage.

Great question. We don’t have many rules in any of my businesses but 1 I do have is we ALWAYS use SKAGs setting up new accounts.

Even we were are doing GoogleAds management for clients and we are already doing the niche, we follow the same course.

In many instances, we discover new things we can then apply to all accounts in the niche.

Are you using a tool to create the SKAGs? (For those who don’t know what SKAGs are, single keyword ad groups).

You create an ad group with every keyword.

It’s a tedious process but necessary but there are tools for automating it and I try to automate everything!h!

Have you had any issues with Adwords accounts getting flagged if running adwords to multiple city pages from 1 acct? For some reason lately with FB and Adwords had quite a few problems with this..

They’re a little more sensitive right now Trevor Hawley.

I would suggest you do landing pages with “Personalization” on them, which will also help with your Quality Scores.

Simple like adding the city name in H1 and also somewhere else on the page.

You could clone them very easily and just change the location info.

Watch your CPC decrease by using the little personalization tips.

How much of your efforts are in adwords vs SEO for the landing pages?

We do a lot with Adwords as you can tell by my 121,000,000 spend.

Can be used effectively for clients and lead generation if you have good CPC and conversations

Does Google reward a news site if you install Adsense code?

We don’t see enough evidence to make a hard conclusion.

Some people swear it does but we don’t have the facts to back it up.

One thing we know is Google loves relevant fresh content.

We are doing some crazy stuff with RSS where we can use Adsense, CPA, Amazon and affiliate offers.

I’m friends with the owners of the absolute best RSS platform on the planet.

Once you set up a site, it runs on its own.

Content is supplied automatically on the schedule you set and looks incredible in the formatting.

I personally believe in multiple income streams and I love those that are truly set and forget.

Residual income is going to be there as long as you want it to be.

Think about categories that perhaps you are familiar with and how it can be monetized.

We like news, celebrity, gossip, etc. It’s amazing how many ways you can make money.

Hope this helps and maybe gives you some new ideas on how to make some extra money.

Good luck!

Custom RSS or a plugin? So RSS is not dead?

Custom and RSS is on fire but don’t tell everyone. The big issue is most people don’t understand the power involved in RSS.

Could you send us an example here to see how it works for your clients? A sample you can show?

Here are some examples. All done with RSS and good themes.

Did the original writers give you consent to use their content?

You have all sorts of options inside the tool.

Do you use unique articles for mass page sites or spun articles? Also, you use any services to index mass page sites?

I am a perfectionist when it comes to content.

I actually take the time to ensure the content is readable.

I randomly check the spun content to ensure I get nothing less than 98% unique content.

There is currently no indexing tool around to do mass indexing.

It’s an area that Google is really watching.

There is a solid method using S3 but it’s not something that will be shared publicly.

Let me say this regarding public sharing. A couple years ago, we had found the loophole in Home Advisor too.

The method was shared by another marketer and HA shut it down.

FYI, we have another way to do it now but no chance in hell it’s going to be shared publicly.

I guess people’s egos want to give away secrets that are crucial to your business.

Thinking that makes them look good with whomever they shared it with.

Once it’s out in the wild, it’s only a matter of time before it’s shut down.

What tool, do you use for tracking everything?

I have my own call tracking system so I use that for my lead gen.

We are 30 days away from offering our newest version to the public.

It’s never been public previously. No system out there has the features we do.

After 22 years, we know what people really need on a call tracking system.

For most everything else, I had my own IT manager build one about 4 years ago the consolidates everything else except the call tracking.

That system is proprietary and I’m not considering offering it to the public but we will on the call tracking side.