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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Stephen Floyd, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Stephen truly fits the description of a successful SEOpreneur.

He has trained numerous famous SEOs, runs a successful agency, coached many SEOs, has sold close to 50 million dollars worth of online courses, and is active in many SEO circles.

The one thing that I truly admire about him is his integrity which is rare in SEO space.

You can read more about him here

If you have any questions related to digital marketing, SEO, whatever, please feel free to pick his brain.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the FaceBook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s successes and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.

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Table of Contents

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you first started your agency?

I wish i knew how to pre-quality prospects

.I wasted so much time chasing the wrong prospects

Who would you put in the category of wrong prospects? And what would be the ideal type of prospects in your view?

Wrong prospects for me are people that:

1. cant afford me

2. I can’t help

3. I believe will want to kill me with communication

Do you share your Discovery Farm or have any ideas on where to start? This is the first time I’ve ever heard anybody talk about this which is surprising after being in the industry for over thirteen years.

Its on my website,

1. What business books or podcasts do you recommend, if any? 2. Any tips for automating / outsourcing? 3. If you could start again on your SEO agency journey, what would you do differently?

I really enjoy Joe Polish Genius podcast; my tips for outsourcing is to really put everything in place.

For example, I record videos and prepare tests for all my outsourcers.

One thing id do differently is spend WAY more time figuring out who my ideal prospect/client is…

I am completly new to seo I am a WordPress designer sbd marketing agency what are some good tools documents or courses to invest in.

I’d invest in digital marketers lab and clickfunnels basic trainings.

This combo will cost less than a couple of hundred bucks and give you a solid foundation in marketing in 2020.

Pay attention to how they market to YOU…keep all their emails…GOLD

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How is Serped better than SEMRush or why do you recommend it?

Serped has api to all the best tools including semrush

Any tips fpr noobs trying to rank Affiliate blog(micro niche).

Yes! Create a best of post.

Link out to the products you’re promoting, let them know.

Often they will link to you; or call it an “award”.

How did you begin to scale? I’m at point where I need to hire as well as learn a lot more. What were or are some of the best hires you’ve made? What tasks did you keep in house what have you outsourced?

Congrats on being ready to scale!

Both exciting and terrifying at the same time…my best advice is to pay for consulting from someone who has been there…preferably same niche.

The $ you spend will be worth every penny if you choose the right consultant.

Proceed carefully, the right choices here can propel you forward in a great way, the wrong choices can kill your business.

This question haunts me every now and then. As Google is dumping Organics and Maps is becoming harder /volatile , and even affiliates is dominated by Big Brands in many cases – how do you see SEO in another 3-5 years. Is there opportunity for us SEOs still. Or you recommend learning PAID ads and other marketing means to survive in the field.

Great question!!!! There is 10000% opportunities for us …but we need to follow trends and choose carefully.

I believe 100% that Reputation is the future of seo…that is why ive created a saas in that space.

I believe reviews will beat out links as a ranking signal…VERY soon.

I know this will piss off alot of people, namely link sellers, but ive been watching google for over a decade and the writing is on the wall.

When you say reviews can beat links – don’t you think reviews can also be easily manipulated by us.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to sell more courses, as a very succesful course seller yourself?

Shameless plug.

I literally just created a fb group that teaches people how to create and sell courses.

How can I break out of the inhouse route (2 companies/12 years) and light agency consulting work and actually start an agency?

Great question!

1. Get consulting from someone who’s done it.

2. Be ready to hire

Regarding reviews, and considering it as a SEO factor, how you would automate the process? Would you focus on properties owned by Google or other sites, like Yelp and others. Can you tell a little bit more about your own system? (Note: my focus is local).

Rep is an entity to google…it includes many factors…start by googling yourself/your business…what do you see?

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What sites are ranking consistently?

Hint: linkedin, FB

Beside the Review, is the NAP with geotagging still the most important factor in Map ranking? If not, what’s your suggestion? I’ve found it’s more difficult to rank on the map lately. P.S. I’m a member of your RepAI software.

Hey buddy! Most important factor for maps IS consistent NAP.

Beyond that, a huge thing I see most not taking advantage of is the q/a section.

Turn this into an faq and seed with keywords related to niche/location

What points do you use to prequalify a prospect? I’ve wasted alot of time.

Super important question! I want to weed out bad prospects and attract good ones (for me)

My agency site is

Checkout my intro paragraph on my discovery form…this starts the process…then notice that my form is LONG.

Typically, if someone takes the time to fill out my form, they are serious…also some subtle signals, like under “budget” the minimum is $2k.

Leaving aside pricing & past results what powerful differentiation can one SEO Agency present over the other?

Great question!

1. Old school customer service; send prispects an actual letter in the mail

2. Specializing in one niche…”we are THE seo company for (niche)

3. Integrate PR with seo

4. Integrate Rep management with seo

What are your most effective SEO strategies to rank a GMB?

All the normal stuff, a few things I think people miss.

1. Geotagging… has a great tool AND a bunch of free training

2. Turning the q/a into your own faq

3. Driving direction embeds

4. Reviews…getting them, replying to them, seeding with keywords related to niche/location when possible

How would you recommend setting up a website for a business that has offices in two market areas?

One website…city pages for each location…gmb and everyting seo for each ocation…

I’ve just started with a client who is set up in a shared office environment. She’s there all the time (aside from the odd meeting) so meets Google’s ‘staffed during business hours’ requirement. Will it be tricky to get her a pin on the map? Any tips for helping this to go smoothly?

Might be, but you can reach out to support if need be.

If you were starting in SEO today … what would be your preferred method(s) of getting business?

I believe in networking in person

What is the most important google ranking factor currently and what kinda link building technique should one focus on especially this 2020 to gain more position in SERPS? Hope my questions are within the allowed perimeter.

1. Onpage must be setup correctly

2. Build trust with foundational links, bbb, chamber of commerce, industry links, then guest posts/pbns

3. Manage reputation