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Pick His Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Dino Gomez, for our next ‘Pick His Brain’ session and I want to thank him for the participation.

Dino is a veteran digital marketer who owns

He knows SEO as well as FB marketing and has launched a course last year teaching how to leverage FB marketing to complement SEO.

You can say he is a master FB marketing ninja warrior. If you have any questions related to FB marketing or SEO, please feel free to pick his brain.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until bitcoin value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s success and strategies.

3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.


Table of Contents

What is “one” best SEO activity for daily basis?

Daily… adding content to your money site/ client’s site. “Daily” is the key. Would change if it were weekly/monthly.

What has changed in FB advertising during the last 6 months in your opinion?

#1) Dynamic creative is a newer feature that is awesome!! FB wants to help you get results.

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Instead of all the old manual work of creating a bunch of different ads with unique copy/ creative to A/B test and find the best performing ad.

Now you can use their dynamic creative feature where you input several headlines, several images, several ad copy…. and FB will A/B test for you.

Huge time saver and huge optimization saver!

There are a ton of updates but this one affects the bottom line the most for advertisers while saving us the most time.

Which I think all markers appreciate.

Are creative ad tools like Dynamic Creative Optimization the future of online advertising?

Yeah I believe the future of FB advertising will be even easier. FB continues to create auto optimization features.

How can FB organic/paid campaigns supplement gmb lead gen platforms in service niches?

Great question.

Every local SEO campaign in my opinion regardless of niche should be running Facebook retargeting ads.

This is an easy upsell… Local organic results are stiff these days…. lotta paid results & directories.

When you get organic traffic you must convert it?

With 20 minutes of work you can have a retargeting campaign that will help double your leads.

By simply staying top of mind to organic visitors who left without signing up to a service business.

Best of all only 4% of businesses on Facebook actually advertise.

It is still an untapped market regardless of what people say.

Perfect opportunity for you to impress your clients.

Once you have enough data on organic website visitors… your Facebook pixel becomes seasoned.

Now FB knows what type of people are visiting your site (cross referencing).

This makes is even easier if you want to do cold lead gen for service based local businesses using Facebook ads because FB has the data on who is visiting your clients site. (cold lead gen)

Becomes your 2nd upsell to your SEO client.

Now in relation to SEO rankings… it can’t hurt to have traffic and social signals from Facebook but I haven’t tested it.

How do FB ads supplement SEO?

On avg. 98% of traffic doesn’t convert.

You busted your ass to get that traffic organically… so lets convert it.

FB retargeting ads are a must regardless of niche. You should use FB ads to capture data, emails, leads, and sales.

They are cheap….

You can upsell any SEO clients to use them based on the fact they are bleeding 98% of traffic.

Clients love retargeting ads because they see them so it’s tangible evidence of your work. (they also love them because they work well and there’s so much data behind it)

I recommend running them on your agency site as well.

You can budget $2/ day for retargeting ads for local client sites or a small agency and that target customer will never forget you.

Still only 4% of businesses advertise on Facebook so huge market.

Aside from that, with an SEO background FB ads are the easiest thing in the world. It’s black and white with no time delays & instant results.

Depending on your niche… you can generate 10-50x the leads.

Example, landed a skydiving client for SEO years ago… he wanted SEO because it’s been around a long time.

A few months later upsold him on FB ads… he doubled revenue in the first 2 weeks of our campaign.

His best month ever. Now skydiving is an easy niche for FB ads.

So lets consider home services… slightly different.

Nobody wants a cold ad for a plumber unless they visited your site first.

So retargeting ads are the play here. Plumbers still pay big money for PPC and SEO so leads are valuable.

Are social signals given a higher weight now as opposed to just pure link-building for SEO/ranking?

Great question. I would say depends on the time interval here.

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Overall our experience has been social signals are more a part of the algo as compared to 5 years ago.

But I can also say, I haven’t done conclusive testing.

What’s the best fb ads tactic for new blog or niche site?

1). Add the fb pixel immediately 2). Write a marketing case study or a tactic driven post ie “5 steps to start a blog”.

Include a lead magnet to get opt ins… download the 5 steps in pdf.

Good one on new blogs is the “journey post”.

Example: Follow my journey to 10k visitors/ month… sign up to see how I do it.

This works since you don’t have credibility yet and people love following from ground zero (think pat Flynn).

Use your fb pixel of subscribers and visitors to market each future post.

If you’re able to do a round up post with tactics from 5 well known marketers… this is the post to put ad dollars behind at an early growth stage.

If a local service company, with zero online presence, hired you to get leads, what would be your initial plan of attack?

1). Understand their audience / top industry competitors non local… maybe diff city

2). Craft a unique offer (grand opening —-50% off)

3). Craft their Upsell… how they actually make $$ after the discount offer

4). Build a funnel

5). Launch fb ad campaign

6). Sell them on web design

7). Sell them on local seo setup

But… I honestly wouldn’t work with them if they are launching unless it’s an industry I’ve worked in before.

Startup life is hard enough as an entrepreneur for your own biz.

Was wondering if you’ve had any experience with FB ads for a kickstarter campaign? I’m helping a client launch a Kickstarter campaign, we’ve had good success for his initial goals of getting fans for his page with FB ads, but we are working on a strategy for FB ads once the Kickstarter launches. Once it does launch, we have a small window to drive traffic to the KS campaign page.

This is a good one.

So… I’m cofounder of easy retarget… a software that was designed for retargeting via 3rd party platforms you don’t own such as Kickstarter.

You’ll need our software or a competitors in order to retarget people once they hit your funding page (since you can’t pixel on kickstarters platform).

What id also highly recommend is driving as much traffic as possible first to a landing page you own.

Basically host your offer on your landing page… collect an email for interest in your product… then send them to Kickstarter to contribute.

That way you have their data / email forever to market to whether for funding or buying after post market.

Use their data and create a lookalike audience to find your next round of funding partners via FB Ads and future customers.

What types of offers do you see convert well on FB for service companies off of retargeting ads?

The best offers are ones that aren’t commonly heard.

But really what makes a retargeting ad or any ad in the local space work is the copy/ creative given that your offer is the same as every other local business.

Here’s how to nail copy –

Do you use any top, middle and bottom of funnel strategy for service businesses on FB? If so what might a typical funnel look like for you? For example, retarget a testimonial video to people on your XX page > show people who watched 75% of that video an intro video > show people who watched 60% of that video an offer.

Ah yes.

Window retargeting as we call it. We actually keep our strategy fairly simple for local.

Normally just RT with testimonials & a different version of the original offer.

The video RT per % watched is necessary outside local for tougher industries…. coaches, courses, consulting, B2b mostly.

Great strategy you mentioned for RT after somebody visits your agency site

Are FB ads useful in generating leads for local home improvement niches (plumbing, renovations, painting etc)? Any pointers?

RT ads have a place in every niche see comments above.

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But for cold lead gen yes. Not so much plumbers… but carpet cleaners, renovations, solar, home improvement.

The tip is to get SUPER GEO.

Not city but neighborhood level… offer, “We’ll be in you neighborhood… next week and thus are willing to offer a FREE consult since we’ll be there.”

Works because people believe the offer to be real based on the fact is is neighborhood specific.

For new products and services what would you say is the best way to reach out to people outside the US in other countries and specific countries.

1). study the competition’s audience

2). Find the targeting of your competitors (who they are targeting with FB ads)

3). Launch FB ads targeting the same audience

4). Make your offer unique to your competition

Does your fb course show step by step how to set up Facebook retargeting campaign? I’m in the commercial real estate niche.

Yes it does. It shows you everything step by step and includes cheat sheets to make it easy to implement after watching the video.

Hope Steven doesn’t mind if I drop this here.

But it has all the info –

Have 10 roofers that want to run fb ads. any tips for this niche? I’m testing offers around their financing options, but its mostly hit and miss depending on the area/city.

1). Pixel their websites

2). Run retargeting ads

3). Use pixel data to track organic conversions on site

4). Run a lookalike campaign to cold prospects

5). Target cities with more extreme weather…. city does make a difference

Do you provide white label FB ads services?

We do but they are only for accounts that are 2k and up.

What kind of anchor text ratio do you aim for? What about homepage/PBN link ratios to your overall backlink profile?

Our anchor text ratio depends on the competiton’s on page 1 of Google per the niche.

We copy what Google is rewarding per that industry.

How to drive conversions for authors of books if they only have their books on amazon? With facebook ads.

FB Ads –> Landing page you own —> collect emails —> Send to Amazon —> Keep remarketing to them via email

Shouldn’t his site by HTTPS?

Agency site is HTTPS…. been lazy with the blog

I have been tasked with getting 1000 refering domains for….looks like a mountain to be honest…How would you achieve this target if you were in my shoes?

I would use white hat outreach agencies that have systems in place to do link building in mass.

And I would be very careful at the speed at which I built these links to look natural.

Don’t go 0 to 1000 real fast like Drake says…. not good for SEO.

I have a pest control company that wants leads like mad – I’ve never seen pc companies use fb. Is there a dynamite way to exploit this untapped market for this industry?

There is…

1). Retargeting ads since organic traffic & PPC is expensive to come by

2). Seasonality pushes… summer specials to a neighborhood.

Ad, “Attention Santa Rosa Homeowners…the ants, mosquitoes, & bugs are marching to town!

Don’t you worry…. we will be in your neighborhood next week to visit a few clients… since we will be in your zip code anyways.

We are offering 50% off special to 10 homeowners in the zip codes of 111111, 12222, 13333.

If you want to enjoy those summer bbqs without furry friends or those delicious potato chips without an army of ants in your cubbards.

Claim your coupon and reserve your spot.

First come, first serve…”…… something like this. Use my local ad template to build the additional trust to have this convert.