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Pick Her Brain!

I’d like to introduce one of our members, Jessie Kost, for our next ‘Pick His/Her Brain’ session and I want to thank her for the participation.

Jessie is a science geek who recently relocated halfway around the world to New Zealand from the U.S.

She specializes in FB ads and has many techniques under her belt. If you have any questions related to generating leads for clients, you can pick her brain.

Here are the rules.

1) I’ll let the thread go on until she asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the Facebook stock value goes to zero.

2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other’s success and strategies.

3) Please do not PM her and bother her. If you have a private question, ask for her permission on this thread when appropriate.



Table of Contents

When did you start Facebook Advertising and who introduce you to it?

Around 2015, because I was on Liz Benny’s team and they wanted someone better at ads than the rip-offs they kept hiring.

I just happened to be very, very good at it once I learned it.

Vertical or horizontal scaling? what is your preference and why?

Always both. 25% of your ad budget should be spent on always testing and scaling.

We’re a local water treatment business that covers 100 mile area. Do you have any best practices for a local business like us?

1. Always be retargeting your website visitors.

2. Work on your Google My Business page, it’s the best source of free traffic for local biz.

3. What are you offering your customers in your ads now?

How many questions are to many questions on lead ad I would want to qualify them?

Name, phone and email. No more.

When launching a new campaign in a new niche, do recommend going for the broad audience first or for a more targeted narrow audience?

It depends on the type of campaign.

Local biz, course launch, ecom, etc.

What’s your scaling strategy?

Duplicating ad sets and increasing the budget.

20% increase every 2-3 days on existing ad sets. Testing new audiences.

What’s your opinion on lead ads?

I protested them so hard for so long.

Once I finally caved in, I use them soooo much!

I have a gym getting $2 leads with lead ads right now.

I tried the Lead Ads and only got fake leads. Very local campaign. Phone numbers seemed local. Did you ever have that problem?

Very rarely I’ll get a fake lead, but it does happen to everyone.

It depends on the offer.

Make it something that needs sent to their email so they need a real email to get it.

Or text the offer so they need a valid phone number to get it.

What are the best practices for the openning line of an ad?

Call out your audience and use an emoji at the end.

What type of funnel you’ve seen works best for dentists?

I’m doing lead ads for an Invisalign dentist and he’s getting $10 leads.

I take that back, I just checked his new campaign that I just launched. $3 Invisalign leads.

How do you charge for services? Flat fee or percent + spend?

For local biz ads, a flat fee.

How much should i charge for running campaigns on fb ads for local biz?

Minimum $1,000/m plus ad spend.

And that minimum fee would be for the types of business that have very slim profit margins, like a restaurant.

I know people charging more than $3,000/m for realtors and chiropractors.

I would like to take on chiropractors as clients, any advice ? What do you think of running Adwords for clients?

I love Google Ads, and run them myself.

Chiropractors get bombarded by marketing companies.

So you’ll need to get creative to land one.

What niche should you stay away from?

Only the ones against FB TOS.

Do you offer white label for agencies?

I do!

What is your favorite way to fire up a pixel quickly (In lieu of a massive budget) when you don’t have customer lists or other data at your disposal? How do LAA’s play into that? local biz?

Local biz is usually just age and radius targeting.

Have you had success with FB ads for affiliate sites? I was thinking about a re targeting campaign for users who visited my site but didn’t convert (I live in Auckland btw and it’s great to hear you like it here in NZ!).

Always retarget, for sure. I haven’t personally done much with affiliate sites.

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But I know people that have success using bridge funnels.

What targeting interests would you chase for let’s say a ‘plumber’ and what kind of offer would you present in your ad copy to generate results?

Targeting would be age and radius only.

I would split test ad sets with age groups and gender, if the city is large enough.

If not, just one ad with age and radius only. Definitely use a lead ad for this.

The offer depends what type of services are his most popular, or what kind of customer he’s looking to attract.

Have you done any B2B?

Not too much, no.

I changed my url early in my websites age. about a month in from starting it. It’s a real estate investor site from investor carrot(don’t know if you’re familiar with them). Anyway, all I did pretty much was add in some internal and external links. Should I do a 301 redirect or let the search engine reindex on its own? Went down about 10 rankings for a couple key phrases. Still on page 5 though.

The rank has been down for how long now?

Travis Linares specializes in real estate and SEO, he may have some good insight for this one, as well.

Is one dollar budget per day enough?

No. Similar to AdWords, you’re bidding for traffic behind the scenes.

He who spends the most, wins.

Not only that, but you would never get enough data to optimize with that small of a budget.

$5/day per ad set minimum.

What’s a good audience/list size you recommend having before creating a LaL? Are there different minimuns in sizes if we talk about Checkout LaL vs Visited Site LaL?

Technically, the minimum is 100. But the more you have, the better the lookalike audience will be.

You want to start with your hottest audience to make a lookalike from, which would be buyers of your highest ticket items.

Then work your way backwards and make lookalikes from people that just opted in.

What’s your easiest client to fulfill for FB ads?

Gym owners, real estate and chiropractors.

All day long.

How would you target a tourist business. Say sightseeing tours in a vacation destination. Tourists/potential customers would likely be looking for things to do before getting there.

Use their existing customer list to make a lookalike audience.

Also analyze the likes and interests of their existing list to find new targeting options.

What made you relocate to NZ?

I’ve wanted out of the US for at least a decade.

It just didn’t feel like it fit me anymore. I’ve outgrown it.

Do you have any good plan for travel brand or vacation rental service?


Specifically cold outreach, what style and format do you find works for b2b?

It depends what niche and what type of customer they’re trying to attract.

A simple lead ad for more info. Or link directly to Calendly to book a call. Super simple, but it works.

List some results you had for clients. “Want results like this for yourself?

Submit your info below to see if we’re a good fit for each other.”

For a candle brand [that has no email list] I’m running 4 x ad sets: 1 retargeting non-converters, 1 people who’ve viewed IG content [they have a large IG account and a comp running at the mo] and 2 cold traffic [interested in competitors & interested in scented candles]. All adsets at $5 per day at the mo. Have been live for a week but its a slow burn. Any tips? Anything I am missing?

Candles are hard, because people want to smell them first.

And shipping is expensive. Most people like candles, so targeting isn’t a huge deal.

It’s more about the offer and pricing. The competition is great for building an email list. Then run a flash sale.

I’m assuming you have the product catalog set up in FB? And are retargeting abandoned carts with the contents of their cart?

Have you ran ads for personal injury lawyers? Any good strategy? Can I pm you for pricing?

Attorneys are one of my all-time fave clients.

I usually do Google call-only ads for them. And rank their Google My Business listing.

Had any success with ads for criminal defense attorneys? Any advice here?

Oooh, heck yeah. Attorney clients are one of my all time faves.

Run call-only Google Ads for them. Work on their Google My Business page.

What is would be your ad strategy for a kindergarten yearly enrollment campaign?

I helped a Montessori school run ads before.

We had them RSVP for an open house. It worked very well.

And a private tour, when there were no open houses coming up.

How would you go about increasing online To Go orders for a restaurant?

Free appetizer when they order to go online.

Or free (small item) as incentive.

Whats your advise on doing FB Ads for Shark Cage Diving trips in South Africa. Noting that this has a global audience as people travel from all over the world to South Africa to do this.

Use their existing customer list to create a lookalike audience.

See if there are other adventure travel pages or interests to target.

Any tips for job board websites? Currently we do a sign up for free ad on facebook. Do you have any insights?

Most of the big job boards are free.

What’s your unique advantage over them?

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Manual bidding or auto?

I stick with auto. I know some people swear by manual bidding.

I just haven’t seen it make much of a difference.

What’s the best method you use to identify your target audience’s interests in FB Ads?

Audience Insights. FB groups. And Google.

When you say Google, what’s your strategy for identifying relevant interests?

Googling the topic to see what websites come up.

And if those websites are available for targeting.

What you would suggest out of these 2 for new business? Start facebook ads with direct sales offer OR give some freebie just to opt in and collect emails and then either retarget them with sales offer through fb or retarget them with would you go about fb ads for new business?

It depends on the niche and offer. I wouldn’t sell a $700 watch directly from a cold ad.

But I would sell a $47 front end offer directly from an ad. If you have a freebie to use, I would use that and warm them up first.

What is the best way to promote a brand in fb without paying money?

Start an FB group that revolves around your product somehow.

If you sell camping equipment, start a group for hikers or travelers.

Don’t just sell all the time in the group. Make it fun and engaging.

How do you research for audience targeting?

Audience Insights, FB groups and Google.

Have you any experience with Facebook ads and local computer repair companies? Any suggestions or do they generally not work well for that specific business?

Yeah, I would start with Google Ads.

You could retarget the people that didn’t opt in, with an FB ad.

What campign objective do you suggest to generate leads from fb ads for a b2b? As well as b2c.

Start with engagement objective for ecom.

Build up the social proof on the ad, then switch to traffic objective.

For B2B, I would start with traffic objective.

Facebook interests seem to give you the same results for a particular niche. Do you know any clever ways to uncover interests not every marketer in that niche is using?

Audience Insights.

I think Wilco de Kriej has Connect Explore.

But I haven’t personally used it. But I do love Wilco.

How would you harness FB Ads to generate leads? Currently, Google Ads are costing USD 4 for a converted lead. Would love to know your say & strategy via Facebook.

$4 USD is an amazing lead cost, but I don’t know how that compares to the fees the pest control service charges.

The cheapest leads are going to be from lead ads, so maybe have them optin for a special discount.

1) What will be the ideal FB AD strategy 2) when adding interest, behavior etc, how can we use them in the best possible way. 3) Do multiple selections in interest/behavior section overlap resulting in poor targetting? How can we use them effectively?

1. Find out their biggest pain points. Never assume.

Either ask in groups that have business owners in them.

Or set up an ad to that audience and simply ask them to comment their biggest frustrations with WP management and maintenance.

Then create an offer for an ad that solves that problem for them.

2. Use one interest per ad set, per ad.

3. Only after you have tested individual interests in an ad set and you know it converts well.

Can you start stacking interests on top of each other that have all previously been tested separately and convert well.

I am promoting a client business in funeral planning service in the UK. With FB traffic ads, lot of traffic is coming on site but very rare leads it is generating. I am planning to do FB leads ad. Would request your best suggestions.

Are you sending traffic directly to their website?

If so, stop that.

Paid traffic should be sent to a landing page, so their only option it to opt in.

What offer are you currently using?

Is it a funeral home, or just a planning service?

Because I’ve known people to offer a special deal of two burial plots next to each other, for the price of one.

Or something similar to that, and they said it worked extremely well.

If it’s just a planning service, you need to give them a reason to plan ahead.

Is it for peace of mind? Or do people make bad decisions when they’re grief stricken and need to plan a funeral?

Or are their things that the general public just doesn’t know, until it’s time to plan something like that, that make it better to plan ahead?

I am new to the digital world. Do i have permission to pick your brain in the inboxes?

Let’s keep it in here to avoid me answering the same questions from others.

I have used image carosols and video for marketing for carpet cleaning. Both were a little hit and miss. Also very time intensive as there were a lot of tyre kickers that wanted a quote via messanger. Would you suggest a way of automating this process via a bot maybe or a different strategy. Any tips for carpet cleaning that you have found to work?

You need a great offer they can’t refuse.

Not just a free quote.