Wise Marketing Secrets Interview Series #159: Mohammed Anzil

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Mohammed Anzil is the founder of SocialPositives.com one of the top Social Media and Technology Blog since 2012.

At the same time, Mohammed Anzil also works as an SEO Specialist and Article Writer for some Cloud Storage and Data Recovery companies.

How did you start out as a marketer?

My name is Mohammed Anzil. I would like to thank Floyd Buenavente for inviting me to this for the first time.

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I’m actually started learning about Internet Marketing in 2011 but I’ve really going into it in 2012.

The ones I used the most with interest back then were Twitter and Facebook.

In the beginning, my main focus was on social media marketing.

Looking back what is your hardest struggle when it came to delivering results?

Before I test my clients in Internet Marketing and SEO,

I will be experimenting with my website and content. In the beginning, I struggled a bit to give results on time.

Little by little those problems were solved later.

How did you get your first client back then, and what kind of service did you do for them?

It’s definitely one of the most memorable things in life.

My first client was Employee Tracking Software Company.

The first thing I did for them was to do some content writing. They use it for their promotion.

We have a lot of readers who are bent on becoming freelancers, aside from freelancing how else can someone earn online, and what is your advise?

One of the easiest things you can do to replace Freelancer is to form a small team.

Do what you do now and expand it as a team. Now you are not a freelancer, but a team instead.

You can manage your clients’ social media accounts as a team, so there are a lot of possibilities.

If you were given the chance to build your career all over again what would you do differently so that you will achieve your dreams faster?

I will try to be more productive. I will try to organize my work with a little more.

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At the same time, I will try to work for my clients a little faster.

You’ve been tasked with redesigning the company’s brand strategy from the ground up. Walk us through your process.

I will definitely start with what is the purpose of our brand. That is very basic.

Then I will look at why we exist, how we differ from others, what we can do to be better than others and what our customers can offer.

So you have to start from the ground up.

What recently-developed marketing strategy, technique or tool interests you the most right now?

Actually now we do not believe in manually building links, write good quality content and share it to the maximum.

I believe the links will come automatically.

That is indeed the truth.

What do you do to stay up to date with new marketing techniques?

Read on, keep reading. We try to follow blogs related to marketing to the maximum.

This is exactly what we are doing then and today.

Discover new topics and understand them.

Can you tell us about a project you’re most proud of from your past work history?

SEO worked for an American based travel company and managed to get them to the front page of Google in just three months.

It gave us a lot of confidence.

Which one book/blog post would you recommend every Marketer should read?

Beginners in Internet Marketing tend to be more of a myth than truth.

So, everyone who is in the field of Internet Marketing today should definitely read this blog post of Search Engine Journal.

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What advice would you share with other Marketer’s who want to become more productive?

You need to have a very clear plan for doing what I said earlier.

Personally I use Trello to plan things for my long term as well as using Todoist to do actionable tasks.

Find what works best for you.

If there’s one Marketing Guru you’d recommend who and why.

I’m a fan of Brian Dean. Brian Dean from Backlinko.

That’s because all of his writing is so profound.

Anyone who reads and understands his writings does not want to look elsewhere for that topic.


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