Wise Marketing Secrets Interview Series #35: Daniel Scocco

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Wise Marketing Secrets Interview Series with Daniel Scocco

Daniel created his first website back in 2004 and is now the owner to both DailyBlogTips.com and DailyWritingTips.com.

Over the years he built, bought and sold over 30 blogs and websites, and he founded Daily Blog Tips in 2006 to share the tips and tricks he was learning along the way.

These days his main focus is mobile app development, and you can read more about him or his projects on his personal blog, DanielScocco.com (from About).

I encourage you to connect with Daniel through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus.

What is your primary marketing goal when it comes to delivering results?

I believe one should always have one metric in mind: profits. Sure, increasing traffic is nice. Having a popular Facebook fan page is nice.

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But at the end of the day, it’s profits that matter, so you need to increase your revenues while keep your costs at a reasonable level.

Whenever I do marketing campaigns, I keep that in mind as a goal.

What type of links do you believe are the best links to get?

Definitely natural/organic links. That is, those that come from relevant sites without your interference.

Google is very sophisticated about detecting manipulative links these days, so I would be recommending staying away from those practices altogether.

What SEO Tools do you have experience with and which ones do you prefer and why?

I believe that Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are a must. The former is the best analytics solution out there, and you need those numbers.

The second will provide you with SEO information straight from the horse’s mouth.

What kind of “white hat link building strategy that scales” that you recommend? (What makes it your favorite one? How to execute it properly?)

I am not sure if any of those strategies scales, but you got to do them anyway.

My favorite is writing a killer piece of content and emailing people in your niche about it. Secondly, I also like round-ups and interviews.

How do you scale this favorite white hat strategy of yours?

As I said, I really don’t think you can scale those. Natural and organic links are hard to be acquired at scale.

The good part is that you don’t really need many of those to start ranking well.

What is more important: Onsite blogging or content marketing?

In my mind those are almost interchangeable terms.

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They both focus on creating useful and unique content inside a website to attract visitors organically from Google and other websites.

However you call it, you must do it.

What is more important; rankings or converting traffic?

Converting traffic. It’s pointless to rank well if the traffic coming from those keywords is not doing anything for you.

Even if the traffic comes from low quality sites, though, if it converts, it’s good traffic.

Among the Google algorithm updates what is the most challenging one that you’ve encountered?

I have been lucky to not have been hit hard by any of the past Google algorithm updates. It certainly took a while for me to make all my websites mobile friendly though.

What is the most important stage of SEO for you and why?

According to other SEO’s each SEO campaign has stages from where to start and how to start it, my apologies if the question is a bit fuzzy but just to rephrase it, if SEO is about stages (ex: onpage audit, offpage audit, linkbuilding, content creation, onpage seo, etc) what do you think should be given more importance by an SEO given the current Google Algorithm updates? 

Certainly the early stages of a website. If you get the basics right and get some relevant and authoritative links in the beginning, the rest will follow much more easily.

If there’s one SEO Guru you’d recommend who and why.

NeilPatel.com. He is by far the person with the best SEO and marketing mind I have come across, and he is also humble and willing to help people.

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