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I graduated from The University Of The Philippines Cebu.

About Us 1I have a bachelors degree in Mass Communications majoring in Tri-Media (T.V., Radio & Print). I also took some units in M.A. Social Psychology, from the University Of San Carlos and planning on finishing it in Manila.

I started learning Digital Marketing way back after graduating from college in 2004 and has since been in love with it.

I have worked with a number of top Digital Marketing agencies in the Philippines and have handled local clients along with international ones from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and even as far as Vanuatu.

You can read more about my Digital Marketing experiences here.

I have been repeatedly asked who were my past clients, unfortunately I always guarantee 100% confidentiality to all of my clients. Which is why I never disclose any details about my work. But if you are still interested with my past and where I came from along with the kind of websites I handled please feel free to look at my LinkedIn Account.

I’ve been featured in the websites below:

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Here are some of my Online Credentials:

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floyd buenavente search marketing mastery certificate

certificate of completion for seo writing masterclass

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I was also moderator (and oftentimes a speaker) for one of the biggest SEO conferences in the country and a speaker for digital marketing events:

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